10 Healthiest Foods...Really? Seriously?

Are there 10 healthiest foods, are there 100 healthiest foods?

Nope, discard that idea right now. Leave it alone. Don’t go there.

There is no such thing as 10 healthiest foods, period.

Yes there are foods that have been shown to have certain properties for health, these are good to have in your diet.

Many many many foods have many many many good things.

But there are not 10 that top the list, or even 100 healthiest foods.

All food supplies our bodies with something, and our body needs lots of ‘somethings’.

The tricks, if you like to call them that, for long term permanent weight loss does not come down to prioritizing specific foods from 1 - whatever!

It comes down to 5 key elements that’s all, and none of these elements are related to any particular 10 foods. (And those 5 elements aren’t just from me, but from others too)

Really, does 10 healthiest foods make sense? Yes, I know I’ve said that if you’re up for a quick meal grab a banana and a glass of milk because they’ve got just about everything you need.

But that doesn’t mean you live on bananas and milk!

Think of all the different, remarkably healthy people in this world from different cultures and different countries, who also have totally different diets.

If there were 10 top of the list specific foods, one would expect to find them all these foods is all of these people’s pantries and fridges.

But you won’t!

The fact is that losing weight and getting healthy has become confusing.

We’ve become so busy looking for the magic bullet, or to be more precise, in this case the magic 10 healthiest foods, that we’ve lost the plot on the big picture

The big picture is about variety, lots of variety, from foods that are less processed and fat-sugar-salt laden then the ones that make up so much of what we eat these days.

The big picture is that we want to lose weight and keep it off, and that doing that successfully won’t come with a magic bullet of certain specific foods, or certain anything's. It's a combination of quite simple things that we just need to tackle.

I know this, I have tried many magic bullets in my life, none of them good for losing weight permanently, but some of them really good for making me feel horrible!

If you’re really serious about losing weight, then forget looking for the quick fix and forget the magic bullet.

You can do it.

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