Really, another losing weight info site? Not any more

August 2011 - If you’re one of the regular visitors to this site, thankyou, if not, well thanks for visiting today.

I had a dream...bear with me, I’ll try not to bore you too much, otherwise thanks for reading this far and goodluck, it’s been a pleasure.

Back to the dream. I wanted to be inspirational, you know, put a positive spin on losing weight, give you all the good bits, make it sound great (well it is great to be thinner, but...more on that later) and give you lots and lots and lots of information to help you.

Slight problem, that’s not exactly how I see it. I’ve been listening to too many ‘think positive, attract what you want....’ blah blah shows lately.

How much more information on exercising and nutrition do you need? Absolutely none! It’s all already out there!

How many books have you read, internet sites have you already looked at? Honestly, really, how many? The thing is you don’t need more information about how many’s boring and nearly impossible to work out, and who has the time!

Friends and family who knew me fat ask me all the time how and why, and the conversations we have look nothing like this website!

I care more about who used the last of the milk, leaving me without coffee, than I do about calories!

I don’t care if I burn more energy running than walking, I just hate running! But I love Zumba! Because I’m superficial and I like to imagine for 5 minutes what it would be like to be a sexy latin dancer!

So, why this verbose rant? Because I’m changing the website, oh, there’ll still be nuggets of information, (and yes 5ELEMENTS ecourse (see ‘LOSE IT PERMANENTLY on the navbar on the left) is staying, it will get a rewritten page soon though, because there really are only 5 keys to success!), but coming soon, starting now, is a conversation

Yep, I'm going to talk to you like I would if you were standing in front of me, a real conversation, not information, just conversation about getting thinner!

I'll try not to go on too long on each subject....

I’ll leave the original about me page up for a while...but then it’s going!

So for a while this website will look like it’s been put together by someone with a multiple personality disorder, bordering on total nervous breakdown!

There’ll be original pages....positive, do this do that, info pages...and there’ll be rewritten ones that more closely resemble the ravings of a slightly demented, over-caffeinated squirrel (think Hammy in ‘Over the Hedge’).

I hope you find it helpful, or at least entertaining...oh and I do really like visitors, please visit often, yes I know, I sound desperate and like I crave approval...and...depressingly it’s true...

This is my original page...gosh it's a little over the top isn't it????

I don’t know anyone who’s lost weight who decides that they want to put it all back on.

Yet, that’s what often happens, and for me the more times this happened the harder it got to try again.

Was there any point? I always felt great when I was lighter, and embarrassed and a failure when I couldn’t maintain it.

It has taken time, and effort, but it hasn’t been that hard. No harder than getting up some mornings when I’ve got a cold and really, really, really want to stay in bed!

And it’s been worth every bit of that effort.

If you’ve tried before, try again, keep at it, try the things that I talk about in this site, and if you really want to make it easier, learn the elements of making it last right now, before you go any further because it’s worth it when you get there, to know you've got the keys to stay there.

Losing weight and maintaining that loss has lead me to places I never thought I’d go!

  • Into normal size clothes that I could shop for in any store!
  • Out of the house and onto the beach again
  • Into a body that I liked and made me smile!
  • and into something I’d never considered before

  • building a website!

Knowing how difficult it can be to try again to lose weight and then keep it off, when you’ve tried so many times before, I wanted to inspire others, like you, to try again, and to succeed.

How to do that though?

I thought I’d learn how to blog. A scary thought because although I’m computer literate, I had absolutely no idea how to go about getting something on the internet.

It was obviously going to be difficult, but I’de heard from others that doing a blog was easy.

So I started doing research into what was involved, and came across the page that changed my thinking totally.

I decided to create a website! This website!

Building this website with SBI Solo Build It! has been challenging at times, but the help and resources are second to none and just like losing the weight, I’m astonished at what I’ve been able to do with their help.

Finding the key to permanently lose weight, and all the good stuff hat it brings with it, has made me passionate about hoping that I can help others find that as well.

Finding SBI! has allowed me to take that passion and get it on the internet...who’d have thought that losing weight would bring me here?

Losing weight is a great feeling...keeping it off pricesless...creating my own website, well who knows what's next?

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