Stop waiting - start aquatic exercise routines now.

When you think of aquatic exercise routines, you probably think of things like water aerobics or lap swimming. But there are so many different types of exercise you can do around and in the water.

Losing weight can be a great opportunity to try new things. Have you considered surfing, or canoeing maybe, what about a weekly walk along the beach with your family.

You can go body boarding, or body surfing, shell hunting, snorkeling or even scuba diving. Just being around the water can boost your spirit, and there are endless ways you can enjoy it, and lose weight too.

Your vision and your aquatic exercise routines

Quite often, when we're looking at losing weight, it's because part of the vision we have for ourselves is a better lifestyle.

We decide that once we've lost weight we'll do more, try out new things, see more, live more.

If this is part of your vision when you've lost weight, then start doing it now.

In the same way that losing weight is practicing eating and moving practicing eating and moving in a way that will also see you maintaining the loss when you get there, you can start right now to practice living the life you want for yourself.

When you're feeling overweight, one of the first things that disappears is being seen around and in the water. The idea of getting into a bathing suit, or anything with less coverage than a pair of top-to-toe overalls, is very off-putting.

And it doesn't seem to matter whether you feel a little overweight, or a lot, publicly showing off body parts makes us cringe.

But why wait until you've got the body you want? Aquatic exercise routines such as swimming and water aerobics are great low impact exercises that have great muscle toning benefits.

Use them! Go back to the beach, go back to the pool, just walking along the sand is great for your calf muscles and your legs in general, not to mention the energy it burns. And if you like being in or around water, it feels great too.

Different types of exercise help you get your body in shape faster, and you are allowed to enjoy the process!

If you see yourself, when you've reached your goal, enjoying more time around the water, don't put it off, use that now, do something you enjoy that will help you in losing weight and maintaining it. Try out aquatic exercise routines, try out a couple of surfing classes or swimming classes, enjoy a walk around the lake, by yourself or with your family.

In the process of moving more to achieve the body and life you want, you'll already be doing it, you'll be on your way to already living it and doing it now!

If you're a fan of the pool, it's a great place to focus on getting into shape.

I'm a big fan of aquatic exercise routines for getting in shape, staying in shape and just generally feeling good. You don't have to be a great swimmer, you don't have to even be a good swimmer, you don't actually have to be able to swim at all, just stay in the shallow end! Or, even better, take some learn to swim classes, and you'll help your body get into shape, and learn an important skill.

Your own aquatic exercise routines

Most public pools these days have a variety of aquatic exercise routines that you can attend. You can also do your own thing.

The key is movement. I don't like running on the ground, but I'll happily run up and down the pool. Just playing (you know, like kids do) in the water is movement and a lot of fun, and will help you in getting in shape.

If you like to walk, walk in the water, the water provides something for your body to push against, making your muscles work a little harder, but supports you so that there's less weight on your joints.

If your not a great swimmer, or even if you are, and you want to vary the up-and-down motion, use flippers (or fins). It's a great sensation, you move faster, with seemingly less effort, but in actual fact your legs are still working hard because now they need to get your leg, and the fins through the water.

For the other half of your body, try loosely tying a scarf around your ankles, and only using your's a great shoulder workout.

Most exercises that you can do standing up, will work just as well in water, even better. Try doing 20 star jumps in water up to your chest, it's hard work getting those arms and legs up and down.

If you're not sure how to use the water, or what to do in it, go to one or two of those aquatic exercise routines at your local pool, and then do some of those exercises on your own.

Getting in shape involves moving your body. The more you move it and the more ways that you move it, the better. Most athletes these days cross-train. Swimmers do weight sessions, runners swim.

Aquatic exercise routines are also particularly good if you have an injury that limits what you can do on land. I have injured my ankles, knees and back doing various things...often gardening (see, that's why I don't like it), and the water is a great place for me to keep moving without putting more strain on those parts of my body that are feeling less than up to par.

Give it a go. Try a class or two, play around a bit (take some kids with you, they'll love you for it, and you won't feel quite so embarrassed doing hand stands in the water with them around). Have a play with some fins, a snorkel too, if you like, you can practice for your next tropical snorkelling holiday. Check out if there are any water sports at the pool you might be interested in.

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