You get more for your buck with a balanced healthy diet

Why choose a balanced healthy diet as the way to lose weight? I mean, let's be honest, it isn't always fast, and we all want it now. It isn't an easy 4 step program that you can follow for 14 days and then forget about, so there's a little work involved. So, why go for a healthy balanced diet…

Because it's the diet that keeps on keeping on, it keeps on giving you what you need and what you want, long term weight loss that has you feeling and looking good, even when the rest of your life is a little off the rails.

A balanced healthy diet gets you through

Losing weight, if you're overweight, will improve your life, but there isn't much point if in the process you damage your body in some other way.

There's also not much point if it isn't something that makes you feel better at the same time.

A balanced healthy diet is one that you know that is not only helping you lose weight, but it's also helping you feel better and last longer.

A few months ago life got a little hectic and stressful at my house. This happens on occasion, you know, when for a while, everywhere you look, things just seem to go wrong.

Well we had a doozy, sickness, work, and family, everything just seemed to fall apart.

There was so much going on I never seemed to have a minute to do anything, let alone do it well.

My healthy balanced diet paid a price for it too, a dear price…or, so I thought.

Once things started to settle down, and I felt like I had brain space to reassess, it was time to face the music, and assess just how bad our eating habits had gotten during the flurry, and to get everyone (including me) back on track.

I first just did it and got out the tape measure, pleasantly surprised to find no change. But, as I'm a little skeptical of good things after a bad time, I decided to get on the scales…because of course that would make me feel better when I saw that the tape measure had been wrong. Then I would have the proof I was looking for.

The scales were kind to me too! Maybe they were wrong?

I knew we hadn't been eating as good a balanced healthy diet as we could have, so how could I have not put on weight?

The best diets…

I sat down and mentally ran a show of what we had eaten lately (what I remembered anyway), and though it wasn't the 'best', it was pretty good.

And this is the point…the small healthy changes I have made over the years, one at a time, step-by-step, some of them have become such ingrained habits, that even when it all falls apart and I don't think about it, they just get done!

And I hadn't put on any weight, and I had the energy to get through the drama (albeit at times barely), and I could keep keeping on.

The thing about a balanced healthy diet is that it's for everyday, it's not carved in stone, you have variety and choice, and it feeds your body and your mind long term.

How do you start and keep on a healthy balanced diet?

You make small changes, and different choices as often as you can.

To get started list 3 small different choices you can make to what you eat tomorrow.

They might be something like:

  • Poached or boiled eggs instead of fried (you've reduced fat and calories already)
  • Buy an apple at the shop and eat it on the way home (you've increased you're fruit intake and helped your body with fibre)
  • Leave the soft drink and have a bottle of water with your lunch (you've decreased your calories, cut out some sugar, and helped your teeth)

Do you have to do them every day…not necessarily, tomorrow afternoon you might pick three different things to do the next day - reduce your portion at a particular meal, add an extra vegetable, eat 1 slice of your bread with lunch instead of two.

The point is all of these small things add up, and some of them become habits, and you can be assured that a balanced healthy diet may not be speedy fast, but nor will it leave you in a worse state than you are now.

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