A beach body diet all year, and every year.

I wanted a beach body diet, after I had the kids. I desperately wanted to get back to a weight where I'd even take my t-shirt off at the beach. Well actually, I would have been happy for reaching my ideal body weight and being willing to be seen down the beach in shorts. My expectations were not that high to start with.

Well now I do. I'm willing to go out to the beach, and even swim in a pair of bathers, do I have a beach body? I don't know...what is a beach body? It's definitely not Bo Derek or Elle Macpherson's beach body. But I can tell you that a beach body diet, that means you feel comfortable going to the beach each season...is the same as a healthy, maintainable ideal body weight for you, and the best shape you can get your body in!

What does your beach body even look like anymore?

If you've just had a baby, or you've had a baby a while a go and want to look and be your best, or if you've been overweight for a while and don't think your body is beach worthy. I've got news for you...you're body even at it's best will have changed...it won't be the same shape anymore.

That's not a bad thing...but the image you have of what you're body used to look like, isn't what you'll necessarily get, because you've changed. Even if you haven't had kids, age affects our shape. Eventually it even affects our skeleton and body frame. As you lose weight though and take notice of the changes you'll still feel comfortable at the beach, just with a slightly different body shape.

The beach body diet for every summer from here on in.

From here on in, every summer you're going to have a beach body, and while your shape may alter slightly from year to year, when you're losing weight and keeping it off permanently, you know that each time you go to the beach it will still be the best it can be.

So, what is the diet? Exactly the same as healthy weight loss. What you eat doesn't change.

To lose weight, you need to make sure that you take in less calories than you need, this will ensure that the excess pounds will start to be used up.

Once you're at your ideal body weight (that is the weight that your body, and you, is your best) then you maintain this. To do this long term, you eat healthily, and only what you need for your energy level.

You watch your fat intake, because there are so many hidden fats and therefore calories in processed foods, you check your food serving sizes and get used to eating only what you need. You increase your fruit and vegetable intake, because not only will these maintain your weight, but they will also give your body some of the best nutrients for making your skin look good, and your body to function at it's best.

The other side to the beach body diet.

The other side is the exercise. My idea of a good beach body means that I like to see little flab, but nice muscle tone. This may mean that you increase your muscle work out. So not just moving more, but that you do add in as much strengthening exercises as you can.

Whether you've been pregnant or are in the process of losing weight, using a workout ball can be very helpful. For me, an exercise ball means I can do less, in terms of time and numbers, than if I don't use it. But it isn't absolutely necessary. Use your shopping bags as weights and do some bicep curls with them.

Squat a little into your thighs when you take the stairs and watch the muscles in your thighs tighten. The exercise ball does seem to take the stress off a little, so you get the same results, but your body doesn't feel like it's been through the ringer for quite so long.

Realistically assess whether the image you have in your head of what your body should look like before it's a 'beach body'...there is no point aiming for a picture in your head that has you with body parts (like six foot legs) that you don't even have, and as you lose weight your body shape will morph through many different shapes before you get to your ideal body weight and shape.

Use each change to reassess how you see yourself, to compliment yourself on what you like...to find beach wear that shows off those assets...and enjoy the success you're achieving.

A beach body diet should be for life and long term beach going, not just something that you do a couple of months before summer. Just like losing weight for life. So, start losing weight for all seasons, and you'll find that come Spring, just a little bit of muscle toning and you'll be right back on the sand!

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