Beautiful female bodies: the best you can be, inside and outside.

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There's a lot of pressure on women to have beautiful female bodies, as defined by others. We talk about how each and every one of us, regardless of how we look is a beautiful woman. And we're right...but we don't always believe it, or act it.

In fact, how our bodies look is important to us. If our outside doesn't look it's best, it's harder to appreciate the inside.

Losing weight was a way for me to discover the best my body could be. Friends would tell me not to worry, that beauty came from the inside, that it didn't matter...but it did.

I do believe beauty comes from the inside, how a person acts and behaves, the things they believe in are the most important. I can honestly say I have known some women who have beautiful female bodies, but who I didn't want to foster friendships with because I didn't like their actions, or things they believed in.

On the other hand, every woman I'm friends with and admire, they are all beautiful women.

Inside and Outside.

Having the best body I can have doesn't mean that I'm one of those beautiful female bodies...oh how I wish. What it does mean is that I feel good about my outside, and when I feel good I feel strong and confident, and when I'm strong, happy and confident I have more to give to others.

It's hard to inspire positivity in others when you don't feel it yourself. Yet, it's the positivity on the inside that shows through on the outside.

How you feel on the inside manifests itself on the outside. If you feel that you're not at your best, you tend to sag at the shoulders, your face is droopy, and you seem to be drawn to the negatives, of your body and your life. Yes, you might put on a brave face, but it doesn't shine's just an appearance.

So you can do two things, you can take action to improve how you feel on the inside, so that regardless of the outside you feel great. Or you can work on the outside and as you feel better about the outside, your inside will feel better too.

Actually there's a third can do both!

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You can work on both how you feel inside, and you can work on the outside.

You can start by realising that no two peoples' definition of what beautiful female bodies are, is the same. You can start by being open to the possibility that a beautiful woman is already, you're just having trouble seeing it.

And you can start to make healthy, long term choices that will change the outside, so that it will be a better representation of what you already are on the inside.

For me, being the best person included having the best body I could. It meant that I wanted to stop 'dieting', I wanted to find what was hiding under all that fat, the parts that weren't half bad, and other parts that with a little smart dressing could look pretty good...and I wanted to keep it that way.

And that's really what beautiful female bodies are all about...the best body you can have, so that you feel confident and can let the inside shine through.

Yep...that's what happened. I found parts that were pretty good, and others that I could definitely work with, and thatmakes me feel pretty good.

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