Your own beginner exercise program...

If you're getting moving after being a bit of a couch potato, then design a beginner exercise program that suits you.

There aren't actually specific exercises to lose weight, all moving is good, the more the better. The more you do with your body to get your muscles active (of which one is your heart), the more energy you use, the more weight you lose, the better your body works, the better you feel. Just doing something positive for yourself will increase your sense o well-being.

Your own beginner exercise program

Designing your own beginner exercise program doesn't mean you have to join the gym, attend aerobics classes, take up kick-boxing or a competitive sport, or anything at all, it mean that you take into account the life you live, and the goals you have, and what you can do, and what you will do, and use that...and get moving.

Another thing about designing your own, it will be designed around your lifestyle, so if you can't find more time, that do what you already do, but with more energy.

One of the easiest things you can do when you're losing weight (call them exercises to lose weight, if you like), is do everything you already do with more energy.

Especially housework. Put on your sneakers, and go for it. Move a little faster, scrub a little harder, bend your knees more as you go up and down the stairs, do squats to get the clothes from the washing basket to the washing line.

A beginner exercise program is not really that much different from an experienced exercise program, what differs is that you need to take it a little easy on your body, work up to things, and not overdo it too quickly.

When your body hasn't done much for a while, it needs a little care to get itself moving again. It needs time to get used to being active.

I remember I decided that putting the washing out could be a really energetic thing to do. So I'd put the basket a little away from the line, and do forward lunges to get each item from the washing basket, then hang it on the line.

I must say, it's a great idea, and I still do it once or twice a week. The one thing I didn't count on was that with 5 people in my house, a load of washing can contain a lot of items. Like 40 socks, and 15 pairs of underpants, 8-10 singlets (my kids were wearing singlets then), and if my daughter was having a bad reflux week 10-15 Bonds suits (you know, the all-in-one jobs).

So, I did lunges with this load of washing (about 70 lunges, give or take a few socks and underpants), and I felt so good and was so proud that I'd thought of it, that I did lunges again when hanging out the cloth nappies, plastic pants and nappy liners, about another 30. Goodness I was happy! It hadn't taken much longer than normal. The washing was out, and I'd done some great exercise!

At 3 am the next morning, when my lovely daughter woke up for a feed, I went to get out of bed...My goodness! The pain, the stiffness, the burn! I could barely walk.

The lesson is...take it easy, a beginner exercise program is about building up. Start slow, and you'll be able to keep adding what you're doing.

However, if you do overdo it, don't give-up saying that this is obviously too hard. Remind yourself that you just overdid it...learn from it, and then, after a day or two of rest get back into it. The pain isn't because exercise is bad for you, the pain is to remind you that you need to keep at it, you just need to take it a little slower.

Are there exercises to lose weight, or ways to maximise weight loss?

Doing exercises, or just things in your day that get our heart rate up uses more energy. Doing exercises and things like weights (or carrying heavy things, like washing baskets and 2 year olds) builds muscles, the more muscle the more fat you burn.

If you take a look at any article that goes through the number of calories burned on any given exercise, and work out the number of calories you consumed for lunch, you're probably going to wonder why you'd bother exercising at all, but these numbers (and you know I'm not big into numbers) are only part of the story.

Exercising will burn fat, but if you only increase your exercise , you probably won't get the body you're looking for, unless you've only got a couple of pounds to lose. Food is important as well, as is attitude. You'll get to your goal much faster if you make sure that moving is part of the program.

Exercise will help you shape that body, while it's burning some of that fat, it will also make you feel good, it'll help your immune system so that you don't catch all the things that are flying around, and give you more energy.

Go back to that vision in your head of what you want to look like and how you want to feel. Have another look at the section on this website about "Your Goal". None of this is really about numbers, and exercise is a factor in achieving the whole picture.

Even if your not sure you think it will help, do it anyway...see how you feel. Work out a beginner exercise program that suits you and go for it. Make adjustments as you need to and just do it.

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