Benefits of a healthy diet - Lose weight, save money, great for a healthy and happy family, but how do I do it?

There is so much information about the benefits of a healthy diet.

There’s less about putting a balanced healthy diet into practice when you’re busy with a family and all that that entails.

The problem isn’t with having the information available, it’s with finding easy and simple ways to put it into practice.

Melanie Thomassian is a registered dietician who understands this all to well, and so has put together the Healthy Eating Handbook for exactly that reason, to make the 'what' and ‘how’, easy for you to do so that you get the benefits of a healthy diet.

Click here to see Mel's video about her own experience and why and how she developed the Healthy Eating Handbook.

It’s not only that this is an easy and simple system to follow, but that it works for families.

It’s true you can find lots of programs and books that tell you about what ‘you’ need to do to lose weight, but there isn’t many that take the perspective that you’re living in a family.

Family means time-constraints, other people to feed and consider, and money considerations.

Yes, you will learn how to do things differently, but you do that on a 'diet' or any program where you're making a change, don't you?

The difference is this isn't going to make extra work for you, it'll change what you put in your trolley, but wont change the fact that you still shop!

There'll be changes, but they won't take up more time, which goodness knows there never seems to be enough of!

But, yes you will be doing things differently - better - but differently!

It’s great to tell you how to do it ‘for you’, but let’s be honest, with a family, if all that ‘you’ stuff is going to mean family stuff doesn’t get done, then eventually you’re going to stop doing the ‘you’ stuff!

You’ll stop the program, because it just doesn’t fit, you need something that will work for the family and with the family.

The Healthy Eating Handbook is just that, a ‘push-button formula’ that makes family healthy eating easier than you thought possible!

  • the whole family will get the benefits of a healthy diet, and you don’t need to spend hours each day thinking about it to make it happen
  • it’ll help you lose weight in a way that’s maintainable for life
  • it’ll save you money at the checkout
  • and this is a paint-paint-by-numbers, simple, easy and family friendly way of doing it.

It’s a great step-by-step ‘how to’ guide, with all the healthy food tips, and ways to use them, that you’ll need.

As a mother, I’ve found the best benefits of a healthy diet, are that it takes and keeps the weight off and it's simple because it's for the whole family!

While it wasn't easy in the beginning, as a I muddled through on my own, the Healthy Eating Handbook streamlines it all for you. It's well worth having!

Also have a look at Mel Thomassian’s blog Dietriffic for lots of great articles about healthy eating.

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