Give me all the benefits of losing weight...and an extra helping of the feeling good bit!

There is much to say about the benefits of losing weight. If of course you have weight to lose. There comes a point where thin is dangerous, just as dangerous as fat. So we need to be smart about how much weight we have to lose. Too thin is not healthy, too thin does not look good...and too thin does not boost your self esteem!

For those of us that have bulk to abandon, there is no doubt that dropping the excess baggage is beneficial.

The health benefits have been well documented. When we carry more weight than our bodies are built for, we put stress on everything. Our bones, and muscles, our internal organs, including our brains. Let's face it, being overweight is stressful! It worries us, we feel uncomfortable, it starts to eat at us (pardon the pun).

The more strain we put on our bodies, the less well we function. The less well our bodies function the less well our brains function. We are just less well!

Nothing works as well as it should, and not just the body parts! The immune system often doesn't cope as well with the bugs and lurgies around us.

Losing weight can put a strain on our bodies too. If we handle it badly, we can damage ourselves. Too fast weight loss can be detrimental, so can the yo-yo of loss gain, loss gain, loss gain.

So, if we lose the excess (and we do it healthily), one of the benefits of losing weight is better health. We then have to cement these benefits by keeping it off.

Moving more too. You can move easier and more often, without getting tired. You've got more energy, because your motor needs to use less energy to move you, because there's less of you to move.

There are other benefits too, not of which the least is longevity. When we treat our bodies well, they'll last longer, and we'll be able to do more with that time.

Yes, it's true that losing excess weight doesn't guarantee that you won't get sick, but I think we all know that it effects how well our bodies fight illness, and how quickly and well we bounce back.

Of course let's not forget the clothing issue too. I'm the first to admit that I love the benefits of losing weight that deal with clothing! Unashamedly, I like to wear clothes that can be hugging, without forcing my stomach out the bottom, or forcing me to walk around with my stomach pulled in all the time (actually though, pulling you stomach muscles in tight when you walk is a good thing to do. It helps support your back...just don't forget you still have to breathe!)

Choice. It's great to have choice. You get to actually pick out of more than one rack! Wonderful! And you put them on, and they actually look better on you than they do on the coat hanger. Even better. You fill them out nicely, without over filling them!

There's also the ability to cross your legs! Something that for a while was nearly impossible for me to do. Not comfortable, and I have to say that I always found it embarrassing to have to lift my leg with my hands and force it onto the other leg! Not because there was any medical issue...except the extra 6 inches of fat that surrounded my upper legs!

For most of us, just losing the weight boosts our self esteem through the roof, and then the longer we keep it off is a reminder of just what we've achieved. Every time I see a old photo of myself, I think WOW! I don't ever want to go back to that again, and I remind myself to keep moving and eating healthily in my life.

That's one of the greatest benefits of losing weight for me! The fact that it makes me feel good. No, better than good, great! Really, if I had felt this good when I was fat, and flabby, the health benefits and the longevity, even the doing more with my kids probably wouldn't have been enough to push me on.

But the feeling good, the looking good, that's the best of all the benefits of losing weight...oh, and the fact that I get to have my sons' roll their eyeballs and squirm when their friends go..."really, that's your MOTHER??? Wow!" (actually this has only happened once, but heh! I'll take flattery anywhere I can get it!)

There are some benefits are true for everybody. Done the right way, there's really no-one that has weight to lose, that won't benefit from losing it.

But you will also see benefits that others won't. If you don't have children, the playing leap frog, or having your sons friends admire you, won't seem like a benefit at all. But maybe for you a benefit is the way your partner looks at you, or the way you can go hiking all day, rather than just for 10 minutes, before you start puffing and panting and looking for the nearest log to fall on.

Think about what the benefits are for you , personally. Bet they make you feel good just thinking about them. Imagine how you'll feel when you have these benefits for the rest of your life, because you're not only losing weight, but you're keeping it off.

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