The benefits of recreation...feeling good and losing more!

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What are the benefits of recreation when your focus is on losing weight? It's very simple, active living is great fun, and it gets your body moving, and it doesn't matter what types of recreation you're interested in.

Doing something fun, something recreational gets you feeling good, and the better you feel, the more you want more of it, and the stronger you feel about getting on with the things that will help you feel good…like losing weight!

The benefits to active living are weight loss, feeling great, and energy to get on with the things you want to achieve!

Losing weight doesn't need to be martyrdom!

One of the greatest benefits of recreation is that it leaves behind the notion that losing weight is supposed to be drudgery.

In fact, if it's that hard, you won't be able to sustain it. So why not do it a little easier and with a lot more fun!

Recreation is fun, and it's exercise, and it will help you lose weight, and it already gives you some of that feeling that you're hoping to get from losing weight…it makes you feel good to do something you enjoy, and to try new things.

Any types of recreation as long as you enjoy them.

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Some people love to garden, so spending a day walking around one of the various botanical gardens in your state is great recreation…doing something you love will make you feel better right now, and that joy will help you focus on the things you want to do, like lose weight.

And, you're moving your body at the same time, and we tend not to wolf down food while we're in the middle of something we enjoy.

Walking the arcades in Melbourne, are a great fun day. Up and down hills, into shops, through narrow laneways, I can walk all day, and the only time we eat, is when we sit down in a nice little cafe and order food. We don't order too much, because there's more to see, more to look at, more to walk!

There are, of course, other types of recreation. There's walking along the beach tracks through a national park (one of my favourites), indoor rock climbing (I'm too scared to do outdoor!), goofing around in the pool for the afternoon with your kids.

Variety and fun is inbuilt into recreation

One of the benefits of recreation is that it sounds a lot more fun and enjoyable than when we say the word 'exercise', at least for some of us.

Apart from the way it sounds, you do it because you enjoy it, and it can be anything.

It can be anything that makes you feel good and that you want to do.

Active living is one of the keys to losing weight and maintaining that loss. When you're involved in things you love, you feel good about your life, and yourself.

When you feel better about yourself you find yourself with an energy to keep working towards that goal…to feeling better more often, to taking control of those things that you can, like what you eat and do, and just doing what needs to be done to meet your goals.

The benefits of recreation to losing weight are more than just the benefits of moving, it's the great feeling that comes with active living and enjoying life…and isn't that one of the reasons why many of us are losing weight?

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