The Best Exercises for Losing Weight, getting into movement

The best exercises for losing weight are anything that gets you moving!

The more you move the more energy you use. Even fidgeting uses energy.

I've read that in fact, fidgeters are rarely overweight. (Although it pays to remember that turning into a constant fidgeter, is not a positive change in our lives necessarily, but within reason it's a good thing).

Focus on moving. If it's possible to fit a regular workout into your day, great! If it's possible to fit a sport into your weekly schedule, wonderful! If not, then concentrate on moving more.

Incidental exercise is getting lost in our lives...Yet once upon a time, there was no need for regulated exercise, because we were all actually doing more physically, every day. This is incidental exercise, and it's still the best exercises for losing weight.

Nowadays, the technological advancements that save time, also stop us moving! These "advancements" have helped us become couch potatoes.

T.V. remotes mean we don't walk across the room to change the channel. Mobile phones mean we don't even walk next door to see if our neighbor's home, we text first, and don't bother going out unless they answer that they're in.

We use lifts instead of stairs. We park as close to the shopping centre entrance we want to use. We have our groceries delivered, so we don't even have to walk around the shops. Computers allow us to email, so there's not even walking to the mail box.

Modern technology has severely reduced our incidental exercise.

Add to this that we're trying to fit in family, picking up the kids (even if we live only three minutes from the school, we rush to pick them up on the way time to park and drop off the car, and walk...driving again) work, house and if we're very lucky, a social life twice a year! And we don't have time to fit in our weekly tennis, our 3 times to the gym a week.

What we can do is:

Move More and Mix It Up

We can walk while we talk on the phone. Don't talk sitting down - when the phone rings get up and walk around the house.You can do this at home. Even if you can't do it at work.

At work, you can move your feet under your desk to a fast tap dance while you're on the phone.

Neither is there a sacred mandate that we go to the gym religiously every second day. If you can fit this into your schedule, and can do it...then go for it. If you can pay session by session, even better, then you won't feel guilty about the money you've spent if you don't get there.

I've had five gym memberships in my life. It wasn't until my late twenties that I realized that, for me, it was a waste of time and money! I couldn't maintain it.

But I could fit in the occasional run around the house, or half of an exercise video, or vacuum while dancing to a raucous and energetic song! And these things I can do four or five times a week.Some of the best exercises for losing weight are just doing what you normally do with more energy.

I also realized I could tap dance under my desk, and flex my bum muscles 20 times while tapping out an email, at work or at home.

The best exercises for losing weight are those that just get you to move any way you can.. Without embarrassing yourself or your 6 year-old son! (Long story...maybe I'll tell it you some time)

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