Best way to lose weight? Pick what you can do...and do it!


In a nut shell, the best way to lose weight is to eat less than you use in energy and to do it in a way that is healthy and for the long term If you eat what you need, then you won't lose anything, but you will maintain yourself.

When you get to your ideal weight - and by ideal I mean where you're healthy and happy and thinner - you'll stick to putting in only what your body uses. But to move those extra pounds you need to eat less so that your body draws on the stores you already have.

Simple, Right...

Simple, yes. Basic, yes. But not necessarily easy. Especially with the hectic lives most of us live today. And there are quite a few things that conspire against us. Many of these will be covered in various section on this website.

Drop the clutch and roar off, or gently slip into first gear and ease our way in...

Take it slowly. Firstly if you've yo-yo'd a bit over the years, it will be harder to kickstart your body into healthy weight loss. If you're dedicated to keeping it off this time, you need to make sure that what you're doing will fit into your life and that you're getting an understanding of what specifically works for you, and your body.

There are ways of losing weight fast, but if you stop and then revert back to old habits, you'll just bring the weight back.

Sometimes dropping a bit fast is o.k, it can help kick start you, but you then have to make sure that you replace the kickstart with something that does not bring the weight back, but rather maintains the advantage you've got.

Taking it one step at a time gives you a chance to get so comfortable with what you're doing, that making better choices becomes more natural. Just like the way you once automatically ordered a family pizza with the lot, or ate three courses at a restaurant, without even considering if you actually wanted it, or were hungry for that amount.

Enemies? No, resources...

Good, tasty, yummy food is not the enemy. The best way to lose weight is to stop thinking that food, or your taste buds, or your appetite are your enemies. All they are is part of the resources and situations you have to work with. Just like the food you can buy and choose, and the way you're feeling are part of the environment...part of your life...and all of these things are resources that you use to fulfill your needs and your wants.

At the moment your needs and wants are to find the best way to lose weight for you and keep it off. You have a lot of things to work with so that you can accomplish this goal. Some of these include: food, appetite, your mood, where you live, how much time you have.


Food is good. Denying yourself things is not the best way to lose weight. Don't deny yourself food that tastes good, food that is good for you. You'll discover that there are many more things that you like, not just those in your cupboard that you've been buying regularly for the last five years.

Not only that, you'll discover that you actually like a lot of the healthy stuff. And the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to discover (slowly) a whole group of foods that you not only enjoy, but that help you accomplish your goal.

When was the last time you tried three different, healthier options of food from the supermarket? When was the last time you tried a fruit that you haven't tried since you were a kid? Just because you didn't like it then, doesn't mean you won't now.

Weight loss and keeping it off is a great discovery tour of good, healthy, yummy food.

Exercise...More Moving

Yes, more moving is good. It lubricates the joints, delaying the groaning and moaning. It increases the amount of energy you use on any given day.It is part of the whole process of the best way to lose weight.

Do you have to gym-it three or four times a week? God, no. Do you have to take up a sport and train two nights a week and play on weekends? Not if you don't want to. Do you have to commit to any one thing for the rest of your jogging? Nope.

You have to move more. Yes, if you can fit in some of these great, otherwise, you might mix and match a few of these each week, or you may just do the housework at double time, and grab a 15 minute power walk with a friend at lunch time.

Moving more is good, how you do it, especially in the beginning, isn't really relevant.

The best way to lose incorporate these into your life as you can...

It's o.k to change the plan if and when you need to...if that's how your life works, you just need to develop a group of options that you can fit into your life, and then once you've fitted then in...they become habits. The habits that will have you reaching you goal and maintaining it!

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