Best weight loss foods or are we missing the point?

What are the best weight loss foods? When you're looking to food for losing weight, what should you be eating?

I could give you a list, gained from my wealth of experience, and the thousand or so articles that I've read that tell me that they've found the best food for losing weight, and the secret to success, and if I did, and you ate these foods and then found that the weight loss didn't meet you're expectations, you'd feel like you'd failed again, instead of realising that the problem was what you were focusing on, and not on you at all.

The best weight loss foods are not about the food at all, but about the amount and frequency with which we eat foods, all foods and any foods.

Let me say that again, how much and how often for any food is the key!

Food for losing weight - back to the basics

Firstly, I know there's a lot of politically correct notions around that say that we shouldn't be labelling food as 'bad' or 'good', it's just food, which is true, to an extent, but if you want to lose weight then how much of certain foods you eat is going to be 'bad' for helping you achieve your goal.

Eating some foods in greater amounts, and more often, will in fact be 'good' for losing weight and helping you achieve the vision that you're in the process of creating.

And this is the basics. It isn't about the best weight loss foods it's about the best portion sizes and frequency of the foods we eat.

Let's look at the very basics, let's start with fat - 'bad' fat...well, no. Fat is good for you in small amounts, yet look at the amount of fat that is consumed on a daily basis. How much fat are you adding to cooking? Read the labels on the backs of foods, how much of that food is made up of fat? How much fat is in the sauces and toppings you put on your food.

A lot of fat when you want to lose weight and keep it off is 'bad'. So it's not a great food for losing weight, or for keeping it off.

Eat less of it:

Tip: Take a photo of everything you eat for a day, then flick through them at the end. How many of the foods are either cooked in, are cooked with, or topped with fat?

If your losing weight and you want to keep it off, then you need to start looking at how much of some foods you're eating, and adjusting the quantities and frequency.

The easiest way to start losing weight and keeping it off, is to start being aware of just how much of particular foods you're eating, and how often, and adjusting that.

You know that vegetables are high in fibre, nutrients and water, that they are good for losing weight and for your health, so how many are you eating?

Really, there should be lots of these in your daily diet? Is there? Go back to those photos you've taken? Are you eating a lot of these foods? Because these are the ones that you can eat in bigger quantities and should be eating every day, if you're not, then start. It doesn't really matter that you only like two or three of then, say carrots, peas and cauliflower.

Start by eating more of those, then try some new ones.

The best weight loss foods, or better amounts?

The food itself is less relevant to losing weight than the amount and how often you eat it.

If you look at what you eat and how much of certain things, then you'll have you're answer. It's less about the choice of food type and much more about how much of that food you're putting in and how often.v

The best weight loss foods are all foods in appropriate portions for losing weight, and then still in appropriate portions to maintain it. Big amounts of fat, whether it be in foods (like meat) added to foods, or topped with it isn't going tobe the best choice for losing weight, neither is big quantities of foods that are high in sugar and sweeteners.

So work at cutting back on these quantities. Increase the amount of vegetables and fruits and unprocessed and unrefined foods. Take photos, make notes of what you eat, be aware of how much of certain foods you're eating, and ask yourself if the amounts you're eating are helping you in reaching your goal, or not.

Then make different choices, if you have a packet of chips, ask yourself will eating the whole pack will help you towards your vision, remind yourself by visualizing the vision, then choose, maybe you can just eat a quarter of a packet.

The best foods for losing weight are all foods, but in appropriate quantities so that what we eat actually helps us towards our vision, without us feeling deprived of anything.

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