Use body frame size as an indicator...then work out what's right for you

Your body frame size will affect how much weight you can carry before you start looking like you're carrying excess weight. Body shapes also affect how you 'carry' or look depending on your weight. Use these to guide you in the right direction, then find what is actually the right weight for you.

Working out what frame size you are.

You can get an indication of your body frame size simply by wrapping your thumb and middle finger around the smallest part of your wrist.

If your middle finger and thumb overlap, you're probably a small frame (or you have very long fingers...lucky you!)

If your middle finger and thumb just about touch, you're likely a medium size frame.

And, if your middle finger and thumb are apart, you're frame is a large one.

What does body frame size mean for losing weight?

All this information tells you is that the basic skeleton you were born with and the thickness of your bones is either small, medium or large.

Smaller frame people tend to be able to carry less weight before they start saying that they 'feel' flabby, people with larger frames often have difficulty because they try and lose too much weight, thinking that they have to still be smaller...when in fact it is their body frame size (it can be shape too) , that gives them a broader look.

I have broad shoulders and a wide rib cage with my medium size frame...No amount of losing weight will change that, it's how I'm built. When I put on weight in this area though, it's noticeable big rib cage starts to round out even more.

You can not change your basic skeletal frame structure! You don't need to! All this information does, is in conjunction with correct weight for height charts, give you an idea of where you might like to start aiming for, weight wise.

Don't become too number, or size, bound. Just because charts (weight or frame or body shapes), 'tell' you what they think you should weigh, you are an individual and there are many more factors that you'll work with until you find the ideal weight for you.

Far better to focus on how you want to feel and look and on losing weight long term than on a number that you think may be ideal for you.

Body shapes, body frame size, weight charts...and you

When you're overweight, having charts of weight and frame size is a good place to get an idea of where you should be headed.

But don't let these charts dictate what weight you're going to try and make your body be. Firstly, body shapes affect how much weight we can carry well, and which suits us.

Yes, there is a weight that suits you. It's a weight where you look lean, but not gaunt or hollow, where you look healthy and happy, not strained and sallow because you've reduced you're body fat way too low, and maintaining that low weight is putting extra pressure and stress on your life...and your body.

While body frame size in conjunction with weight charts will give you a ball-park range of weights to start working towards, you'll have to work out where suits you the best. Losing weight and maintaining it is a skill that takes practice, just like learning to use a computer, learning to walk.

Discovering your ideal weight is a skill that takes practice too. I know where is best for me, it's about 59 kilograms. For my height and frame size (I have a medium frame), the tables indicate that this is on the high side, but guess what, while I can get lower than does me no favours!

My face gets too thin, and I look old (now I'm quite happy to be nearly 40, but at 57 kilograms I look 50 years thanks). If I did want to stay at 57 kilograms all the time, I would have to constantly and consciously monitor my food, and I don't have time for that...I also know that I can't maintain that kind of focus on what goes into my mouth...there are too many other things that are happening around me, like whether I've packed lunches for school and work for the whole family, and not missed one of my poor children.

I also find that if I get lower than 59 kilograms, my butt loses fat, which makes it look drooper than it actually is. Now my body shape has changed many times over the years, not just because of fluctuations in my weight. Now age and gravity are pulling my body parts south. That's o.k, (I think..) but at 59 kilograms my butt is still a little round, at 57 it looks like a ski slope, not attractive at me or my lovely man!

Finding the ideal you

Each of us has a weight at which we look and feel our best...that's the weight you're aiming for, and while body frame size calculations, and weight charts give you an indication of where you might like to start looking for your ideal weight, the right weight for you is a much more individual thing.

Instead of relying on others to tell you where you're at your best, pay attention to your body, your energy levels, your mental feelings...and you'll get the ideal for you!

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