Body weight charts or ideal waist measurement...

Before you start focusing on body weight charts to give you a guideline to your weight, do you know that there is an ideal waist size?

And that it plays a bigger part in our health than just weight.

Start with an ideal waist size.

What if you could take one measurement to start with, one measurement, other than the scales, that would give you a great health and weight loss goal, and you could do it at home?

You's your waist measurement!

For women your waist measurement should be less than 85 centimeters.

For men your waist measurement should be less than 100 centimetres

So, if measuring your frame size, your height, and then getting our some body weight charts, or using a formula, seems all too hard...forget it...just measure your waist and aim to move more and make healthier food choices so that you get your waist measurement under control.

Why the ideal waist measurement is a great goal to aim for.

Body weight charts are averaged and broad. They aren't designed for any one particular person, and they don't take into account a lot of the personal factors that affect your weight.

Ideal waist size, on the other hand, is a totally different scenario. It's irrelevant whether you're tall or short, big boned or small boned, have a lot of muscle, or very little...the ideal waist measurement is about your health.

People with waist measurements above the 85 for women and 100 for men, have greater risks of developing certain diseases. Fat around the middle is dangerous. The fact that it is at your middle makes it a health the waist measurement goal gives you a goal that actually puts losing weight in be fit, healthy, and live a good life!

Advantages to using ideal waist measurement as a goal, over body weight charts.

* It's quick and rip around with the tape measure and you're able to track your progress.

* You won't just lose weight from your stomach, each of us dispenses with body fat differently, so you'll be leaning up all over.

* Weighing yourself can be a minefield...I've known my weight to fluctuate by 4 to 6 pounds in a day! Measurements are better indicators of size lost.

* You want your weight loss to be healthy! You want to be's health that makes us feel good...not just less weight. You're goal is one that you know is directly related to exactly health. Your focus has changed. WHen you focus on losing weight, it's easy to be tempted to do things that aren't particularly good for your body. But if you can change your focus to health, that focus will pour over into the choices you make. Healthy choices to achieve a healthy result.

Once you've reached your ideal waist size...what's next

Once you've reached a healthier benchmark, in terms of waist size, you might decide to go back to the body weight charts and see where that puts you.

But you don't have to...assess yourself, how are you feeling, do you think you're at your best yet? Or, can you make more choices and maybe drop that measurement a little more?

Just choosing to monitor your progress with your waist measurement because it's healthier for already a good choice...once you're there...keep going with the healthy choices, and you may even find that body weight charts aren't for you anyway...who knows?

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