Simple Ways to Trim Your Waist
The Calories in Fat

There are more calories in fat than in any other food.

This is good news for losing weight, because if you roughly calculate calories from fat in your current diet, and make small changes in your fat intake you can see great positive results.

The number of calories per gram of fat is 9! This is more than double the calories found in a gram of other foods.

To calculate calories from fat just multiply the grams by 9...

One of the easiest ways to keep your energy intake in line with what your body needs is to make changes to the total amount of calories in fat that you consume.

Every 3500 calories you consume over what your body needs, will raise your weight by about a pound.

If you consume 3500 more calories than you need over a week, then you’ll put on a pound a week roughly.

Now that you know how to calculate calories from fat let’s look at how to reduce that number and trim that waistline.

You don’t need to use a fat and calorie counter on everything you eat. Here are some simple, and easy ways to trim the fats.

Simple ways to trim...

A teaspoon of fat weighs approximately 5 grams. So every teaspoon that’s in your diet, whether it be oils and fats that you see, like:

  • butter and margarines on sandwiches, toast and crispbreads
  • oils that you use in cooking or that are in dressings and toppings
  • or in the processed pre-made foods that you buy from the supermarket or from the fast food place
each teaspoon contains about 45 calories in fat.

By simply removing a few teaspoons, and the calories in fat, from your diet each day, in a variety of ways, you can reduce your energy intake markedly.

If you have 2 slices of toast for breakfast and use one teaspoon of spread on each slice, that’s 90 calories just from the fat.

Simply reducing the amount of spread you use by half means you’re already eating 45 calories less than you were yesterday.

Do this every day for a week, and you’ve stopped 315 calories entering your body that week, or 1350 calories per month.

That’s nearly half a pound that you won’t add to your body.

If you remove the spread altogether, just from your morning toast, or lunch time sandwich, that’s a whopping 630 calories a week or 2700 calories per month.

You’re well on your way...just by dropping a few grams of spread a day!

Using the fat and calorie counter on labels and swap foods.

The next thing is to look at foods that you may be able to swap for lower fat varieties:

  • milk for example. You don’t have to go ‘no fat’, but many of the lower fat varieties, as opposed to full-cream, taste very similar.
  • yoghurt, again there are so many flavours out there, and if you swap to one that’s also low in sugar, you’re on a quick easy winner.
  • many packaged foods also have lower fat varieties (just watch the sugar and alt content)

Taking notice of, and consciously reducing, the fat in my diet was how I started, and it’s the one thing I continually do now without thinking about it.

One of the great side-effects of lowering the fat, is that your tastebuds change and you don’t actually like fatty foods as much. Bonus, it then becomes even easier to lighten your load.

If you calculate calories from fat, and use some simple, but very effective ways to reduce your intake, you’ll be off to a great start on a lighter, leaner you.

Start today, where can you trim the fat?

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