Leave the calories needed per day for a moment...what does your body need?

Forget for a moment the calories needed per day, forget the calorie content of foods...no, don't click to another page, just for a moment, forget the whole notion of measuring energy...and open up to the notion of...

Giving your body as much of what it needs.

Losing weight and permanent maintenance means at some stage you're going to have to realise that regardless of what you believe, you need to give your body what it needs!

So, start now, you'll already be making the mental shift to healthy long term weight loss...it's not about losing something you love, something that it's important to you...it's about creating a body and lifestyle that helps you be the best person that you can be...you're building something...a lighter, healthier you!

What your body needs is more than just energy. If energy were the key, I'd live on chocolate, be healthy as a horse, and fit all get out.

Instead of looking at what we can take out of our diets to reduce our energy intake. Let's look at what we can put in.

We need more vegetables and fruits...and many of them contain fats, carbohydrates and proteins. So, let's eat these first. Let's start by making sure we put in 5 fresh vegetables and 3 fresh fruits every day...and a variety. Oh, and don't forget the nuts and seeds.

Calories needed per day...a piece of cake if you eat what you need.

If you're worried about the number of calories needed per day...nuts and some seeds, and vegetables are quite high in fat...don't freak, they're good fats. And every gram of fat you eat has 9 calories...My hand holds about 35g of nuts, I eat a handful of mixed nuts everyday.

Without trying I've given my body good fats, fibre, nutrients and carbohydrates...and about 164 calories...just from fat. See, you'll get all the calories needed per day, just by eating the things that your body needs.

Let's give our bodies that first. So, we've already got some of the vital nutrients for health and, from personal experience, that's a lot of quantity and quality for your stomach.

Now let's put in our protein for muscle and brain development. So, we need 2 serves of dairy for our calcium, zinc and so one. That's a LARGE glass of milk (about 300 mls) and about 200 grams of yogurt...low fat.

Now let's put in some meat and fish, eggs and chicken...lean (the chances of not getting enough fat if you're eating a variety of everything in as natural form as possible, is slim...don't forget you'll have some in cooking, and hidden fats in other foods)

Then add some breads, cereals, pasta (again in as natural form as possible)...and you don't need to be concerned about what is the number of calories needed per day!

The last thing our body needs...

Now we put in the movement. The more we move the more our body works on all that great food, processing the nutrients out of it. The more we move the better we digest our food, the better we feel, the better we look!

Now adjust...

First, focus on how much activity you're doing. Mine differs quite marketedly. On days when I'm not very active, I'll only eat 4 serves of carbohydrates. The less processed the better as they have the most nutrients and proteins. So that might be 1/2 cup of cooked porridge at breakfast, one small multi grain roll at lunch and a potato at dinner (potatoes are a vegetable that's high in carbohydrates, and I'll often have corn on the cob...again a serve of carbohydrates.)

If I'm active that day. I'm also hungrier...so I'll add some extra carbohydrates, and extra fruit and protein. But adjust.

Instead of focusing on the number of calories needed per day, or the calories content of foods...focus on what your body needs.

Statistically, the one food group most people don't eat enough of is fruit and vegetables. And then the minimum serves of meats and dairy foods...Carbohydrates (especially sugar) and fats...we all seem to get plenty of! So plan to eat the minimum that you're body needs everyday for health, energy and vitality...and you'll get plenty of calories...if you need more...then eat more!

The one other thing we all don't get enough of is movement...The more we move the better we are.

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