You need less calories per day to lose weight - Some simple tips.

The number of calories per day to lose weight needs to be less than the energy you use each day. Simple, yes. Easy, not always. One way to do this is to slowly change your eating habits to a permanent healthy diet plan.

Don't stress, a healthy diet plan doesn't mean you restrict yourself and feel deprived. That's not healthy, nor is it maintainable, nothing is off-limits forever. A healthy diet plan is one where you make healthy choices and take actions that make this easier, as often as possible.

Simple things, one at a time is the key to reduce your calories per day to lose weight

There is no trick to losing weight, or maintaining it. Most people have no trouble getting it off, it's the keeping ot off that's difficult. I know the losing wasn't hard for me, I must have done it at least 15's the keeping it off that always seemed to stump me.

One reason was doing too much too soon. When you take on too much, you don't actually make it part of your routine, you don't get to a place where it comes naturally, you have so much going on that you get distracted and drop the ball.

Here are some simple thing you can do to get you on your way...take them one at a time.

To reduce your calories per day to lose weight - check your fat and sugar intake

I started with reducing the fat in my diet, and it was weeks before I did anything else. I went looking for fat everywhere, and anywhere I found it I cut it down. Not all of it, a healthy diet plan doesn't exclude fat, our bodies need it, and if I cut too much of it out, I started to crave it.

Craving fries and thick butter on bread was a worry for me, so when I got to this stage I'd do a check and see if there were enough fats in my diet. Then I'd add some walnuts, avocado, a little (one teaspoon) of olive on my salad. The cravings would subside and I'd move on.

Sugar is the other big thing to watch. Without realising it you can be consuming cupfuls of the stuff. One of the things here is to check the labels on any processed and packaged foods you buy, especially those labeled as low-fat or lite, or lower fat.

Often companies replace the fat with sugar! Yes, you stop consuming 4grams of fat, only to consume 10grams of sugar...not very helpful.

I've found that in some cases if you compare the labels on the low fat and the normal, while you may get an extra two grams of fat per serve in the original, you'll get 10grams less of read the labels.

Even better steer away from processed and packaged foods as much as possible, stick to foods in their natural state as much as's all part of a healthy diet plan that will have you losing weight and maintaining it.

Another way to reduce your calories per day to lose weight is to check your snacks.

What are you snacking on between meals? Snacks should be a mini meal.

I found that if I snacked on some lean protein and some carbohydrates...lean ham on a rice thin, or a piece of fruit and a glass of low fat milk (one of the few things where sugar isn't added to replace the fat), or a piece of multigrain bread with a thin spread of peanut butter (look for the ones in the health food section of the supermarket. There are a couple of brands that are pure crushed peanuts, no added sugar and no added salt), it effectively killed the hunger pains and got me to the next meal.

I thought it was easier to just grab a packaged snack, I have a fondness for muesli bars, But it's not quicker to open the packet than to put ham on the rice thin, or pour the long as you have them in the cupboard or the fridge. So, stock the cupboard and the fridge with these foods, and leave the others in the supermarket.

The main point here though is that the packaged and processed snacks usually have more calories and less nutrients than those you put together yourself. So checking you snacks is another simple way of reducing your calories per day to lose weight.

You can still have the prepacked snacks...on occasion there are small packets of chips in the house, and muesli bars...the thing is they're on occasion, they're just no longer part of the regular food list.

Simple changes, one at a time, (it was months before all of these were part of my health diet plan...and still are...and they kept the weight coming off regularly and consistently) and you'll be losing weight and making these things part of your life too.

And don't forget to move...moving uses those calories...and it makes you feel good. I think it's time for my walk.

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