My pluses and minuses of the cause and effect of obesity

The cause and effect of obesity on my life still has me shaking my head. Because I spend a lot of time reading about the subject of obesity, I still sometimes find myself asking the questions: Am I overweight? Are my habits slipping?

A big beautiful woman…my hallucination

Looking back, one of the worst effects of obesity was that I started to create my own illusions.

I started to tell myself that I was a big beautiful woman, inside and out, and that it was just the way I was, and that it was okay, that I should embrace that.

Which is great, if I actually believed it - but I didn't. It was a conversation I held with myself for self-preservation, mental self-preservation.

The problem with that is though, once you start lying to yourself you can't see the reality, and if you can't assess reality as clearly as possible, you can't make the changes you need to make.

The cause and effect of obesity…facing my personal issues

Firstly, convincing myself that that's the way I should be was poppycock! The cause and effect of obesity, and in particular, my obesity, when I sat down and assessed everything I knew and did honestly was that....

I ate too much for what physical activity I was doing.

It was the quantities of the food I ate. I ate lots of vegetables and fruit, which is good, but I had got used to topping them with lots of fatty and salty sauces.

I didn't watch how much fat or salt I cooked with, and I loved and craved continental sandwich meats and rich meals.

And since I was naturally prone to being fat (wasn't I? Wasn't that the problem, it's just the way I was) I convinced myself that I was eating well, so there was nothing I could do.

Then it would bother me, and bother me more. I'd stop looking in the mirror, I didn't care about the way I dressed.

It's a bit like housework. You walk over the floor, and subtly acknowledge with a mental note that you should sweep it. Two days later, the mental note is a little less subtle, boy that floor's getting dirty, but there's other things to do.

Then, all of a sudden, you decide, right, that's it, I have to do it now…it's driving me nuts!

That was me with losing weight. I'd gird my loins and say that's enough! And I'd head for some quick fix diet. Because now that I'd decided to change I wanted it fast!

I'd lose weight, there wasn't really a problem there…and then it would creep, and sometimes, rush back…and I'd be more morose and unhappy, and it would just reinforce that mental hallucination that it was just the way it was.

The cause and effect of obesity…the positives.

There was some good with obesity though…I did get to a place where I realised that I didn't care how long it took, but I was going to beat this for life.

That was a turning point from fad diets to long-term sustainable healthy weight loss and it was the beginning of controlling the cause and effect of obesity for me.

That was the point when I started being totally honest with myself.

Am I overweight? No, I'm way past overweight! Am I a big beautiful woman? No, I'm unhealthy, I'm putting my health, physical and mental health, at risk…and really, I don't like it.

I don't like being fat, I don't like being overweight!

Dieting Advantages

Now, there was one advantage to having gone through a variety of diets to get to this place, and while I don't recommend anything that doesn't focus on improving health and quality of life, there was one thing that these diets taught me.

Each of those diets taught me something about myself and losing weight for life.

Firstly, all those diets restrict the quantity of calories you put in…so, if you want to lose weight you have to take in less that you use.

Secondly, there was one diet where I finally learnt that different types of foods have different calorie levels. So, one teaspoon of fat had the same energy (calorie) load as a whole handful of salad!

And so on.

Each diet, each exercise program taught me something. Some taught me what I couldn't maintain, some taught me information I could use to build myself a healthy program, some taught me things I could do that were easy, and amazingly effective.

I've found a way to combat the cause of my obesity, and I still enjoy the rich great foods, I just no longer go overboard with them.

The effect of obesity, well I hope I have in some way stopped the medical effects of obesity on my body, but more importantly to me, the mental effect of obesity is limited.

I enjoy my food without guilt, I enjoy the activities I participate in, I enjoy my life, and I'm more honest with myself, about everything.

In fact I wonder how much quicker I would have felt this way if I hadn't been so fearful and embarrassed that I created illusions for myself?

But I've done it now, I'm still working on it - I'm a work in progress, and it's a much nicer place to be, mentally and physically.

I'm sure you've learnt things too, along the way. Write them down, you may be surprised at just how much information you have that will help you. You can combat the cause and effect of obesity for yourself too.

Or, you can choose not to change it, or to do everything you can to just keep plugging away at it, until you get what you want.

It's your life, you can work out what works for you, and maximise that effect!

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