Facing the childhood obesity facts, and reducing the effects of childhood obesity

Childhood obesity facts are scary. But until we face them, accept them, and look at ways we can deal with them, the effects of childhood obesity will continue to plague our children.

While the facts and numbers have no faces, which makes it easier to ignore them, or question them, I don't think there's one of us out there that doesn't see a child everyday that we see as one of those obese or overweight kids.

Think about these childhood obesity facts

While the exact percentages waiver there is research, and not just one study, but lots of studies by different groups to show that:

  • 20 to 25% of children in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom are overweight or obese!
  • There is also a lot of research and evidence to show that:

  • In the 1960's and 70's this percentage was 5-10%In less than a generation...the number of overweight and obese children in four of the developed countries of the world has gone from 1 in 10 or 20 to 1 in 4 or 5!

Let's just get an even better picture of how enormous this issue is:

  • The children that are the heaviest in these studies, also weigh more (that is, are more overweight or obese) than those children were in the 60's and 70’s!
  • And more...up to 80% of these overweight kids will, as one of the effects of childhood obesity, become overweight adults.

While there is evidence by some researchers to say that child obesity and overweight numbers are still rising, there is a small body of evidence to suggest that the growth is slowing.

Let's hope the second set of evidence is right, but I'm not going to stake my child's health on it!

This second set of research suggests that the numbers of overweight and obese children is leveling off. That there seems to be a plateau being reached at the current levels of 20-25%.

This is, in some way, good news. The numbers are no longer increasing...but let's not have that party yet...nor are the numbers dropping, and we have a generation of children who are already in the battle zone.

If we don't change something the 20-25% of overweight kids will remain struggling with these issues their whole lives. And with all the difficulties that come with losing weight permanently after years of being overweight.

It's not hopeless. Everytime a child comes into your house and sees you making good food choices, making healthy choices, everytime a child hears you say, 'I always feel better after a little walk', that gets fed into their brain, they see you doing healthy things.

Everytime a child reaches for a chocolate biscuit and asks 'what are you having?', they notice that you say 'I'm having a juicy cold apple, it's just what my body needs right now.' You make a difference. What you do makes a difference to those around you. Make different choices.

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