When you're desperate to lose weight quickly...be willing to ditch life.

There have been times I've been desperate to lose weight quickly. These are also the times I've looked for the fastest ways to lose weight, without taking into account the consequences to my health, mental or physical, or the fact of how I was going to keep it off once it was gone.

One of the things I've noticed is that when you get so desperate to lose weight quickly, you're so focused on this one fact, that it increases the stress you feel, it also heightens the sense of failure if you don't meet your goal, and it tires you out!

By the same token, that sense of desperation can work in your favour...but you have to commit to some major work, in a short period of time, and you have to be willing to make a lot of sacrifices and be focused.

In other words, if you're desperate to lose weight quickly and you're willing to do what it takes (and you can do it healthily) then you have to ditch life!

Desperate to lose weight quickly?...Ditch your life!

I'm serious. The fastest ways to lose weight, and do it healthily are to ditch you life...up your exercise dramatically, and totally change the way you eat all at the same time. It's the way they do it on programs like "The Biggest Loser" and those boot camp programs you hear so much about.

The people who attend these leave their lives behind for a period of time. They are only focused on one thing...weight loss. To drop the dramatic amounts of weight that these people do consistently for weeks and months means focusing on losing weight, and losing weight alone...there is no room for life.

For some of these people they feel they have no choice, they are so desperate that they even leave behind their families and their children.

I can understand this level of desperation. And the more weight you carry, the more chance there is that one day, you'll feel it too.

But no matter how desperate you are, you need to stay focused on doing it in a healthy way...more fruit and vegetables, less fatty foods, increased exercise, and still eat enough that you're body doesn't go into starvation mode. You still need protein and carbohydrates for energy and to allow your body to function and repair itself.

Desperate to lose weight quickly?...Consider you're own losing weight camp.

While I don't advocate ditching out of life when you're losing weight, because I know how vigilant you have to be to not put it back on, I do understand how for some there is a necessity to kickstart your journey to a lighter you with some quick pound loss.

If you've been a yo-yo dieter (like I was) sometimes starting slow and steady takes a long time to show results, and it can be difficult to stay mentally positive if you don't see some good coming from your efforts.

Maybe some time ditching life and focusing on healthy weight loss, without all the other stuff, will give you the motivation to keep going when you get home.

Just remember at some time, you will be going home. At some time life will take over the focus, and you need to be prepared for that, otherwise the yo-yo will start again.

So, if you're in this position, you can design your own weight loss camp. Can you organize a week off your life? Maybe you have some holidays coming up, or there's some friends or family that will look after your family for a week while you're away.

It can be something as simple as going camping...but it needs to be far enough away for you not to be at the beck and call of your life.

Can you get a friend to go with you? It helps if you've got support, and if there's someone else who can keep you company and do what you do for a week to pull each other through...that helps.

Your own weight loss camp... organising it.

Before you go you need to get to some serious organising. Plan your meals for the period of time you're going to be away. Once you know where you're going work out whether you can shop there, or whether you'll have to take all the healthy foods and snacks from the start.

Plan the meals...every little bit. Then the snacks...then make sure you take extra healthy snacks, like fruit, nuts and vegetables, because then, if you've miss calculated how hungry you'll be you can fill in the gaps with extra healthy foods.

You don't need to go anywhere that has a gym, but it's a good idea to think about what exercise you'll do. Remember to take into account the weather. It's not much point saying you'll swim everyday if it's the middle of winter where you're going and the natural water source will be frozen over....or too cold without a wetsuit to use!

What equipment will you take? What exercise will you do? Bushwalking, tennis with your friend. Remember this trip is totally about losing weight. Nothing else. Plan and focus on that goal before you go.

You've reached a point where you are so desperate to lose weight quickly that you're willing to ditch your life for a week so that you can get a headstart...don't leave anything to chance, plan for every eventuality.

If it rains all week, have you taken a light weight coat so that you can still walk? Have you thought about whether you should take some small hand weights, or rocks to do some weight exercises as well as cardiovascular.

Plan this week (or however long you've got with precision) because desperation has pushed you to this point, use that as motivation to get moving.

Coming home...

Before you go, also plan for what you'll do when you get home...because you do have to come home...and your life will be waiting for you to step back into it.

You might get some motivational thoughts together, ready to be put up on the fridge, the mirror, your desk, to remind you of why you went away.

You may like to prepare some family friendly low fat meal plans for when you get back, and already have changed some things on your shopping list.

You may simply like to put up a note to remind yourself that you were so desperate to lose weight quickly that you were willing to sacrifice a week of your life to do it...and read it everyday you get back to make sure you don't forget just how important maintaining what you've lost is to you.

It doesn't matter what it is you do...as long as you plan for your return to your life, before you go. Then you can walk back in that door, pick up your life and still move forward with steps that you can incorporate on a daily basis, and hopefully you'll never reach that point again where you're so desperate to lose weight quickly that you were willing to give up a week, or a few days, or months of your life!

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