Diets for kids, we can all help, first let's face the issue...

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While it's necessary to talk about diets for kids, it's sad that our children's health is at risk because we have so much today.

As a parent, you always want the best for your child. Today, we have so much more food, so many more opportunities, so much more of everything than our parents' and grandparents had, yet it's ironic that this is actually proving detrimental to our children's health.

Not so many years ago, in fact not even ten years ago, when my oldest son was born, the guidelines were that children shouldn't be given low fat milk, or dairy products until they were teenagers. Before this age, it was considered that there was no need to restrict their fat intake, that in fact, it was unhealthy for them, to do so.

By the time my youngest was born (he's now 6), it had totally changed, only children two and under were determined to need full fat dairy products. Now, they recommend, that because of the childhood obesity statistics in developed countries, that all children over two actually have only low fat milk and dairy products.

There are some frightening statistics about the numbers of overweight and obese children in developed countries. But what is even more frightening is that research has shown that most parents underestimate how overweight their children are.

If, as parents, we can't see it, or acknowledge it in our children, how can we teach them how to stay healthy?

Diets for kids - acknowledging the issue

I was a fat kid, on and off. I didn't diet back then, it was just that I lived two very different lifestyles, one great for my health, the other not so much so.

One of my children also has inherited some of the traits that make it necessary for me to teach him now, about health, making better choices and being aware of what's happening, so that he doesn't have to wait till his thirties to understand and face the issue.

The other side of the issue is not to make him so self conscious that he winds up with an eating disorder, or finds that the whole issue of his weight takes over his life, causing him misery and unhappiness.

It's a fine line to walk when it comes to diets for kids. We don't want them crippled by their excess pounds, nor do we want them living through the yo-yo dieting and unhealthy habits that many of us have gone through. Or the pain we feel when someone levels a comment at us about our weight. It's very difficult.

No one ever said parenting was easy, but difficult or not if we don't acknowledge the issue and help our children on the road to healthy, fit and less flabby lives, we're not doing our job.

As a parent, I turn a blind eye to some of the things my children do, sometimes because I just don't want to deal with it (copping out), sometimes because I think it's a small issue in the great scheme of their lives, but their health is not and area where I'm willing to do this, and being overweight is a health issue, and a major one, not only dor them now, but in their future.

Diets for kids - changing the world

I'm a big believer that single people can be catalysts to changing the world. If they believe in something strongly enough, if they are willing to keep at the issue as long as it takes, other people will start to listen, the ball will start to roll, and change will happen.

I want my children to believe this, that they can make a difference, one person, one situation, one thing at a time.

You may not have children, or you may not have a child that is showing signs of weight issues, but I bet you've seen one walk past your house, or in the school ground, or at the shops.

To change what happening to our children we need to look at diets for kids, we need to look at our childrens health, we need to stop being ostriches, and burying our heads in the sand, and we need to remember that how our children deal with food and food issues starts with...

Diets for kids starts at home

Yes, it starts with us at home.

Yes, we can go one about it being the media's fault, or the way the supermarket stocks their shelves, or the introduction of the hand-held game consoles. That we've been forced into city life, with no room to play, that society has so fallen apart our kids can't get out and play in the streets anymore because it's not safe, well...

As a parent, you can limit the media they see, you can not buy all the stuff (can't put up with the tantrums...don't take them to the shops), you can take the hand-held games off them, and you can get out to a park and watch over them while they play!

Yes, it is simple, no, it's not easy. But the point is, it starts at home, but it can only be fought against if we can acknowledge that there's a battle to be fought!

The articles in this section look at some of the issues of diets for kids, childrens health, and how we can help.

Even if you don't have an overweight child, look at these articles and then look at the children in your community, can you help?

Yes, just by role-modeling healthiness in your home and that the people in your community, including the children, see you making the changes to gain control of your weight and your health, you are making a difference. You're showing a large group of people, children and adults alike, that it is possible to change, that you can master the issues, irrespective of the media, society or the supermarkets.

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