What easy at home workouts suit you?

There are so many easy at home workouts and free workout routines that you can use to get that body you want.

I'm huge fan of at home workouts. There are two ways of looking at at home workouts.

The first is using what you do at home to increase the energy you use, ie the way you do housework, what you do while you watch TV and so on. The other is exercise programs that you can do within the privacy of your own home.

Free workout routines in the home

You can increase the amount of exercise you do within your normal household routine quite easily. More energy in anything you do is one thing. In the garden, in the house, put more effort into what you do.

I once went to an aerobics class (it wasn't pretty, I did try it a couple of other times, but then moved on, it was definitely not something I enjoyed), and one of the things that the instructor kept reminding us, was to put effort into it.

You can stand there and wave your hand in front of your face, or you can use some energy and effort and push and pull that arm, and make it really work. There's a huge difference, give it a try and see.

It's so true. If you put energy and effort into things your body has to work harder, you can feel yourself sweat and you start to breathe deeper. Try it with the mop. Skim the mop over the floor, or really put your arms and back into it...notice the difference. One feels like it's easy and the other has you starting to stretch and pant.

Think of all the jobs you do around home, everyday, every week. If you put a little bit more energy into these, all those little bits of energy make a difference. Your not only working out, but your getting things done as well!

Effort, the more effort you put in, the more you'll get out of it. It's like doing a job for your boss. If you don't put much effort into it, you know it's not your best, and even if they praise you for it, you know that it could have been better.

Give it your best effort though, and you feel great when you hand that job over. You know you've done your best.

More effort won't lower your fitness, it won't make you feel worse than you do now, it won't add to your weight, so what have you got to lose (except some pounds and a little sweat) by putting some effort into it? All you do is gain.

Exercise easy at home workouts

If I'm going to exercise, and by that I mean an 'exercise routine', as opposed to just doing more in my day-to-day activities, I much prefer to be doing at home.

I'm not particularly co-ordinated in many things, so I much prefer to do them where no one else can see me, and although the family's around, if they laugh I can refuse to feed them for a week!

Because I'm not particularly keen on exercise for it's own sake, I still have to battle with myself and the notion that it's taking up time that I'd rather be doing something else, I'll find any excuse for not getting to a class. It's too cold today...I won't make it on time...I really, really have to do something else (anything else)".

If I do it at home I don't have to make sure I'm out of the door on time. If I've decided to exercise in the morning, and I have a call from work, I just start 5 minutes later, but I can still do it.

The other thing is that travelling to and from a class or a gym, or even a walking group, or a training session, is more time in the car (which I'm trying to limit, not because I can't afford the petrol, just because I'm not sure my children can afford the environmental damage I'm contributing too).

So easy at home workouts for me are things that I can do when they suit me, oh and that interest me.

I've got a bit interested in yoga lately, so a friend lent me some of her yoga DVD's to try. Although again the lack of co-ordination means I look a bit weird (lucky I'm at home hey?)

There's one particular one I like, so I've bought my own copy. The brilliant thing with DVD's is that in terms of cost per time, if you use them more than 3 times you're already paying less than you would to attend class.

Remember that without an instructor to assist you, you may be doing the poses, or exercises wrong, and not getting the benefit you should. But for me, a DVD of something I want to give a go is an ideal solution.

You can trade them with friends, you can try all different things and see what you like. You can use all different types, and mix and match programs and routines, so that neither you nor your body will get bored.

Now one of my other favourites is the Wii.

Yes, it's true I love the Wii. I don't actually have Wii Fit, although I have tried it, but it's things like tennis that I love on that little box.

If you put effort into playing tennis, pretend your holding a real racket, and put energy into it...it's fantastic for a workout, and you can do it with friends, or the kids. (I don't do it with the kids, I do it when they're out...I don't want to embarrass them, or myself, unduly).

Again, effort, the more effort you put in to your workouts the more you'll get out of them (even the Wii...have you tried swimming, fantastic for the turkey wings, they don't flap, because they're tensed doing the up and down thing).

Easy at home workouts...what suits you?

You can use DVD's, the Wii, there's free workout routines for weights and aerobic workouts in many magazines.

There's putting more effort into what you do at home everyday, there's more gardening, more cleaning (I'm not so big on the more cleaning, doing it faster and harder is okay though, then I finish quicker and can move on to something enjoyable...like Wii tennis, swimming, maybe golf today...).

The choices abound. Have a look at what's available, try your local library, check out some of the books in the exercise section, most libraries these days have a DVD borrowing service, see what they've got, find a few different things you like and get into it.

Check out the magazines the library subscribes to. You'll find there's heaps of easy at home workouts and free workout routines out there.

You can do them at your own pace, in the privacy of your own home (don't make dinner for anyone that laughs), and when, what and how it suits you.

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