My favourite easy healthy recipes...taste good and they're quick.

Convenience is king! And at home, easy healthy recipes, are the cornerstone of convenience when you want to lose weight and maintain it.

Welcome to my favourites

This section has some of my favourite recipes and food ideas in it. They aren't just great because they are easy healthy recipes. Easy and healthy isn't enough to keep eating them. They're great because they're easy, healthy and taste good.

To maintain any weight loss, and a healthy lifestyle, has to be enjoyable, you can't martyr yourself to the cause forever. You won't be able to keep eating foods that you just don't like.

None of these meals take long to prepare, non are particularly difficult, god (and my family) know I'm no chef...even cook would be stretching it...all of them are easy...the trick is to have the things in your cupboards.

If you have to run to the shops everytime you want to make something, this is when it gets too hard, but if you've got the things at hand...then it's easy.

The key to easy healthy recipes...

The more processed a food is, the less nutritious it tends to be. Then we process it again and artificially put nutrients and things back.

So, use as many things as possible that are as unprocessed as possible.

Watch the type and amount of fat you're using in the recipe and in cooking. Fats that come from plants have no cholesterol, so opt for these...and try to avoid deep frying (and smothering in chocolate)

Play around with your recipes. Often you can use less fat and less sugar, and not even notice the taste change.

In these recipes there won't be a lot of sugar. I've already cut it back. Over time, my taste buds have got much less use for sugar. I still have some, but I cut back on the amount in all my recipes. Once upon a time I liked my strawberries cut and sprinkled with sugar, now I don't like the sugar at all.

Getting used to new tastes

If you know you already like something, start with recipes that include that ingredient and cut back the sugar and fat.

Make all your changes gradually. You may like one of my favourites, but because you still like sugar find that it's not sweet enough. A good thing to do is then add some sugar...just a teaspoon, and over the coming weeks, add less and less till you're adding none at all.

That way you're giving you're taste buds a chance to get used to less sugar. Small changes are much more maintainable and will give you better results, now and in ten years, than moving too fast. And who knows, you too may find that sugar no longer tickles you're taste buds like it once least in some things.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

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