Simple things for easy weight loss for teens

Socially. emotionally and hormonally, teenagers are full-on! So easy weight loss for teens is a must. And while they're still trying to navigate their way through to being adults, there bodies are doing the same, so teen nutrition is important.

So keeping in mind that you need easy weight loss for teens and to remember that they're still growing, so teen nutrition is paramount, here are some things they can do to promote weight loss.

Put the good stuff in before leaving home.

Many teenagers get a large amount of their food out of the home. So before they head out the door, and each time they come back, concentrate on the healthy good stuff.

Have a glass of milk (low fat) before leaving home. Teenagers need extra calcium and protein because they're still growing, so a glass of milk helps fill this need. Also research has shown that liquids can make you feel fuller than solid foods.

Munch on a piece of fruit on the way to school, and have a piece in their bags for on the way home, either on the bus, straight after the bell, or in the car on the way.

Bananas are particularly good for this as they pack a carbohydrate energy punch and quickly take the edge off of hunger.

When out with their friends, order smaller portions. This can be difficult as there's a whole lot of peer comments that can make teens feel uncomfortable, but hey...if you need to tell your friends that you have a bit of a stomach ache so don't feel like much, or that you're mum made you eat before you left...go for it!

One really basic method of easy weight loss for teens is to buy less of the high energy, low nutritious foods for the house.Buy one packet instead of three. Open them with everyone in the family so that everyone has a little and no-one eats the whole bag!

Explain to then that you're too tempted with them in the house, and just think how much more everyone will enjoy them when they've resumed their rightful place as a special treat...rather than a basic food group!

Keep low-fat yoghurts in small tubs in the fridge, whatever flavour they like. Yoghurt has both protein and calcium and is filling, so it works on all fronts.

Talk to them about teen nutrition, and practice good nutrition yourself. The bottom line is you can talk to you're blue in the face, but teenagers, and children learn more and take on the habits, that they see, not the ones that you talk about.

Remember the old saying "do as I say, not as I do", sorry, doesn't work! As a daughter I can tell you it didn't work for me, as a mother it doesn't work for me, as a teacher it fails miserably! If they see you eating healthily and go about weight loss and maintainence in a practical, healthy way, they will pick up those things.

Get them active. It doesn't have to be a sport necessarily, but if they want to be dropped over to friends houses, or dropped off at the shops, tell them that they then need to give you 30 minutes of gardening time (and get the gardening time first), or they have to walk the dog for you, or do fifteen minutes of speed cleaning.

Oh, and for all you teenagers reading this...if you offer offer to do something for your parents in return for a favour from them, and then you do'll be surprised at how good your life can be!

Easy weight loss for teens, without losing site of their nutritional needs, is important, they already have enough drama and stress in their lives. So try and find ways of increasing their activity, give them the good foods at home, talk to them and model the habits you want to encourage them to have.

If they can beat the losing weight and putting it on cycle now, in their full lives, you'll have set them up for a future without the yo-yo dieting, and they'll be healthier and happier all round (and so will you!).

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