Two parts to eating healthily...foods that are good and getting what you need

When you're looking at eating healthily as part of a losing weight and keeping it off permanently, there are two parts to consider:

Firstly, eating healthily by choosing foods that are good for you. Optimally that's eating foods that are as close to "real", unadulterated, unprocessed, chemically (or digitally) enhanced, modified or preservative added, as possible.

Secondly, it's making sure that what you eat supplies you with all the nutrients, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fuel that your body needs to function at it's very best.

To achieve this you have to make sure there's plenty of variety in your diet. Preferable plenty of variety of the "real" foods, as nature intended. As opposed to the "unreal foods" with the additives, preservatives and extras that are of little use to our bodies at all, but they do bulk out nature's goodies so they fit in the bigger packets, and they're great for making sure we don't decompose too fast in the ground when we die!

Food choices...

To eat healthily pick foods that are good for you. Really...make the choice! Don't, however, try and change everything that you normally eat to healthier choices in the one day.

I know how it feels to feel motivated and inspired, to think - "This time it'll be different, and I want to be there now". But if you try and change everything that you're eating in one won't maintain it.

So, two things, start with one it for a while, get used to it...make it part of the day. And start it now! Don't put it off, start doing one thing.

For example, you might look at what you snack on during the day. Change one snack for a piece of fruit. Experiment with fruits, blueberries, raspberries, apples, bananas, nectarines. Try them until you find a couple you like, and now...right now...swap snacks for fruit.

Now, do it for a week. Try a range of fruits, get a list of the ones you like, but these when you grocery shop, or order online. Keep a supply in the house. But for a week, just get used to eating fruit as your snacks.

Getting everything you need...

The other part of eating healthily is getting everything you need, nutritionally. While replacing all your snacks with a fruit is better than eating a packaged snack, if it's always the same fruit then you'll be limiting your intake of nutrients, and worse still...

You'll get bored! Only having one option, is not an option at all. That's part of the fun of eating get to try new things, and find new foods that you like.

Even if you have 4 or 5 fruits that you know you like. Experiment. Keep trying new ones. Try ones that you haven't tried since you were a child. You're taste buds might very well have changed.

Try them frozen and fresh. You can try canned too, just make sure there's no added sugar. While they're a better option than potato chips, canned fruits can be very high in sugar.

Frozen, on the other hand, are a great way of eating healthily. There usually snap frozen, so the nutrients are maintained. There awesome in hot weather, and they have a different flavour and texture than the fresh type.

Just keep trying. That way, if you're out and you need a snack and you can't find one of the fruits you like, you'll have a whole list of things that you can have. Don't want an apple, have an apricot. Out of snacks, on the run, you can duck into a grocery store and pick up a chocolate...NO! The same grocery store will have frozen fruit, or a few fresh fruits to choose from.

In having a range of choices, and swapping them around, you get more nutritional value. You're eating healthily in terms of getting a variety of the things you're body needs.

When you choose eating healthily, you're choosing to give your body everything it needs from stuff that's as real and healthy as possible!

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