Eating Healthy and Losing Weight You can Eat More Weigh Less

The difference between eating healthy and losing weight and crash dieting, is one means eat more weigh less for life, and the other means eating less for short term results, and long term unhappiness, and really you’re not losing weight to feel worse, most of us like to think that we’ll be getting something better from losing weight.

Crash dieting is the pits, I know I’ve done it. Eating healthy and losing weight on the other hand is a winner.

Firstly, it’s great for the first two day, when you can will yourself and fight with yourself the whole time to stop you eating, but then you can’t stand it any more, and the cravings start to attack.

You’re so hungry that you eat even more than you did before you started, and even if you can maintain it for a week, or two, and you see the pounds fall off, you start eating the same way as you did before and before you know it you’ve put everything back on, and a little extra, just to remind you why you shouldn’t do it again.

Eat more weigh less

One aspect of healthy eating is paying attention to what you’re putting in your mouth.

Being overweight isn’t only about what you eat, the high calorie foods, but also how much you eat, especially of these foods.

When you’re crash dieting you’re taking lots of nearly all calories and nutrients from your diet, this does not please your body, and it often doesn’t make you feel good either.

I don’t know how many times I’ve gone on a diet, and felt listless and slow within the fist two or three days.

So crash dieting often removes all of everything from your diet, good for you or not.

Eating healthy and losing weight has you decreasing those things that you’re body needs less of, less fat, less sugar, less calories overall, but also increases the things you need more of.

What is it we need more of...the lower calories foods, like fruit and vegetables and lean proteins, that give us we want from our lighter bodies.

Energy, healthy skin, good feelings, and a leaner body.

Eat more weigh less means eating more of those things that contribute to feeling and looking better, and we can eat many of these in larger quantities than we can of the things that contribute to our fat problem.

In that way we can also weigh less. Which is what eating healthy and losing weight is also about.

Crash dieting may have short term success, but it’s rarely maintainable and long term, it won’t fulfill what it is we want from weight loss.

Give the crash dieting a miss, focus on good eating and losing weight and you’ll be on a winner that will hold you in good stead for life.

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