Use one of the exercise health benefits to keep you motivated...

The exercise health benefits for our physical well-being are well known, and the benefits to exercise as a part of losing weight are also quite well known. But daily exercise has another keeping you motivated!

These motivational benefits to exercise are another tool for keeping you working towards your losing weight goal.

Daily exercise and motivation.

One of the exercise health benefits is that it exercise releases hormones that make us feel good. Daily exercise can help relieve stress and depression, and increase your motivation to keep on track with losing weight, and just feeling better about yourself.

It's easy for our motivation to lag, there are so many factors involved in losing weight and keeping it off, and sometimes, it just doesn't go the way you've planned. That's where you use everything at your disposal to keep you going!

How to use the exercise health benefits for losing weight motivation

There is no need to ask yourself - will exercise help already know the answer is yes! It's just that you need a little reminding.

Exercise is not a chore, it's not something that takes you away from something else! It will use up energy (helping you with your weight loss), it will release hormones that will make you feel better, and it will help you tone your body and get it into the shape you want.

To get these exercise health benefits you have to move - but you don't need to set yourself up for 2 hours of gruelling weights or a class...take 5 minutes when you can...and walk, do lunges, skip...remind yourself that every little bit helps.

Using today to motivate your daily exercise for tomorrow...

At the end of each day, focus on what you have done, not what you didn't.

If you did 3 runs up the stairs, remind yourself that that's 3 more runs than you'd done this morning. If you walked for 5 minutes twice during the day...that's 10 more minutes of walking than you'd done this morning. On top of that...

That's 3 sets of stairs, and 10 minutes walking that has helped your body work better (and your mind), that has contributed to your losing weight journey, or maintaining your weight, that has worked your muscles, released some happy hormones, and made you feel better.

Remind yourself that it wasn't that hard, close your eyes and think about how you felt when you stopped and sat down. For me, I always feel more relaxed as soon as I sit down after exercise. By relaxed I mean physically less tense, I always feel that it was well worth it.

When you remind yourself at the end of the day what you did, how you felt, and that you actually can fit exercise, in various forms, into your day, this gives you motivation for the next day...and the next...and the next...and before you know it you're are fitting things in everyday, because you like what it does for you...and that it makes you feel better.

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