There is more to exercise reduces stress and losing weight than you may realise...

Looking after a baby, and losing weight can be stressful, exercise reduces stress on you and the baby (I'm serious...a calm, happy mother makes baby calm and happy), and helps you to lose weight and keep it off.

One of the benefits of physical fitness is that you cope with stress much better. To improve your physical fitness you need to exercise...and exercise reduces stress levels and burns energy, which relieves more stress because you're watching the weight drop off.

Coping after baby.

Babies, and children, are tuned into you. Have you noticed that if you're not happy, a little stressed,they become agitated and stressed too? And the poor things don't understand that it's the worry of whether you're doing it right, will you ever get sleep again, how are you going to cope...and is it ever possible that you'll get your body back? They just know that something's wrong...they feel it and they project it back on you.

Using exercise to help you lose weight...and baby fret less.

I remember that all of mine had periods of fretfulness, and the more fretful they were, the more stress I felt. How could I help? What was wrong?

Add to this that often, without thinking, I'd grab something to eat while I always helped me think I thought.

One day everything got on top of me, I hadn't slept for days, I was mentally exhausted, and I hadn't left the house. I thought I was about to lose the plot!

In desperation I grabbed the pram. I had two at this time, so I put the oldest in the pram, the baby had been crying for what seemed like I put her in the pouch and headed out the door.

I started walking, fast, then many thoughts inside my head whirring around, I didn't even notice I was starting to jog. Then through all this I noticed that something was missing...there was no crying!

Slowing down I looked down at the cherub strapped to my chest, and she's there, just looking, no tears, just big eyes. My son was fast asleep in the pram.

I realised that exercise reduces stress in babies too. Take a fractious baby out for a walk, watch them calm down. I kept walking, exercise reduces stress in mothers as well!

I started feeling calmer, the more I relaxed, the baby was relaxing more too. The tight little body was starting to sag...and then she slept! That day I walked for about an hour. It was blissful, for all of us....and then there was something else...

The weight started to shift faster.

Walking became a constant. And as it did my weight started to drop faster. I hadn't changed my eating habits, if anything I was eating a little more than I had been...but I was losing inches faster.

The more I lost the less stressed I was...I would get my body back (at least most of it), it didn't play on my mind so much. I started to relax, I had more energy as my fitness increased, this is another of the benefits of physical fitness, more stamina, and I was better able to handle the sleepless nights I was having. The kids were calmer too.

Exercise reduces stress on more than one level.

It wasn't just that exercise helped reduce stress in general, it was that exercise actually helps me actively control some of the things that stress me out! My weight doesn't bother me as much anymore...there's less of it to think about...but that's also because of the exercise, without the exercise I wouldn't have lost the weight I have.

Exercise helped me calm myself, which in turn calmed the babies, which in turn lowered my's hard to be concerned when you have happy children, and happy children contribute to a happy mother!

There is so much going on after a baby, but a healthy diet and exercise do more than just help you lose the baby weight...they help keep you calm, happy and coping!

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