Exercises for losing weight, more effort, more moving!

Any exercises are good exercises for losing weight, the more the merrier. Move as much as you can, the how is less relevant than how much!

Mixing it up is the best way to exercise, because it is both less boring, and you use different muscles in different ways.

Focus on...Moving More!

The key isn't in what exercises for losing weight you do...the key is in getting your body as active as you can as often as you can. We aren't actually designed for immobility.

The more you move your body the more energy you use. You can start by just putting more effort into the way you already move.

Every extra bit of energy you use, digs into the energy reserves (read here fat and calories) that you have. The more you use up, the more weight you lose (as long as you don't eat more to compensate...then you won't lose).


I'm not naturally sporty. I played netball at school and a little before I had the kids. But it didn't do much for my weight loss. Something to with the fact that I though I had an excuse to eat more, lots more.

While I don't play sports on a regular basis now either, I have been known to still have the odd hit of tennis. The difference is, now I put all the energy I've got into it. I take full advantage of the chance to work my muscles and move my body. I run harder, hit harder and move for every ball. Why the change...

My plate is full. My life plate that is. So every time I get the chance to move more I do it with everything I have.

I could rearrange my life and fit two days of tennis in a week (maybe). But I don't want to, so when I do go...I give it everything I've got! I sweat, pant and puff. I groan and moan with the effort. And at the end, I'm spent.

That one game of tennis has become one of my exercises for losing weight, it's fun, if I can't play I don't, and it fits my life.

Sports are good, if you can fit a regular one in, go for it. If you can't just make sure when you do have a friendly game of soccer at the park with friends, or a tennis match, or just a run around the yard with the kids, that you make your body work as hard as you can.

Focus on using that energy, not conserving it. You should be puffing and panting...you should be sweating and hot! Then you know you've maximised the opportunity, and grabbed every bit of fat burning potential out of the exercise that you could.

Exercises for losing weight are also exercises that you can enjoy, and they don't always come packaged as "exercise", sometimes they're just good old-fashioned play.

Then, combined with all the other ways you're moving more, and with more energy, you'll see changes in your body.

Exercise classes...gym/aerobics and so on

Gym's can be great! There's a variety of things to do, all of which can be added to your list of exercises for losing weight that you're interested in doing, and you can vary the workout as much as you need to each time.

If you can afford to go to a gym, and it's something you like, or would like to try, then do it.

If you miss a class, or can't get there, don't beat yourself up about it, just move more at home that week, or grab a quick power walk around the shopping centre with a friend.

Being versatile and able to change things around is what keeps you losing weight. If your focus is on the gym as the only place to burn off fuel, and then you don't get there, and then you beat yourself up about it, you'll feel bad! Don't feel bad...just do something else as often as you can, when you can, with as much energy as you can.

A gym membership may be way out of your league financially...maybe see if you can pay just for the times you go. That way you also don't feel so guilty about paying the money for something you don't use.

Remember you're in this to lose weight permanently, and to create that body you want. If the gym doesn't work for you, do something that does.

Having a list of things you like means having alternatives at your fingertips so that when your life gets hectic and things change, and the kids are sick, you know it's o.k, because you'll move more somewhere else.You have a plethora of exercises for losing weight at your disposal, and they'll include just moving more.

I don't have the commitment to the gym, or exercise classes. I have given up trying to push myself to do something that I couldn't maintain longer than five minutes, let alone the rest of my life.

I know for some people though, (like my girlfriends mother, who, at 60 became a regular and consistent gym goer, and loves it,) it works . The fact that there's timetabled classes, makes it an appointment that they can keep. It fits their personalities, their lives, and they're naturally motivated to do that. If it suits you, then do it.

Shift your focus from "What exercises for losing weight can I do?" to "How can I move more and with more energy...now...this very minute...while I'm peeling potatoes"...Peel faster, and flex and relax your bum muscles while you do it!

Commit to moving more, with as much energy as possible as often as you can, in any way that fits in on any given day, so that you'll look and feel great!

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