You're exercising but not losing weight, don't lose heart, try these...

If you find yourself exercising but not losing weight, don’t despair.

Part of the process of losing weight permanently is to adjust your diet and exercise plan as you go along, as you’re body changes and as you get ‘into it’.

Things rarely go how you’d expect, or to the original plan, that doesn’t mean that all is lost.

What to do about it?

Here are some simple changes to your diet and exercise plan that may kickstart you back to losing weight:

  • Change the type of exercise you’re doing - our bodies are amazing things, and they very quickly can get used to the exercises to lose weight that we’ve been doing.

    Mix you’re routine up a bit, do something different. If you’ve been walking, try an exercise workout DVD.

    Change the amount you do, add or subtract 5 minutes from your program for a few days.

  • Look back at what you’ve been eating. Have larger quantities, or higher calorie foods crept back into your diet?

    It’s easy to not notice old habits creeping back, something as simple as a muffin with coffee a couple of days a week can increase your energy intake past what you use.

    If there is something that has crept in, creep it back out!

  • Change your diet in some larger way. I found at one stage that even though I altered my exercise habits, I still wasn’t seeing any benefits, so I changed my diet in a big way for a week, I cut back on my carbohydrates and increased my lean protein.

If you’re exercising but not losing weight go back to the steps to losing weight, reasses what you’ve been doing, change the actions you’ve been taking and monitor how it goes.

Losing weight is never a straight line process, and it’s very hard to predict what is causing what. It’s an ongoing process, that has its ups and downs. Just like life, really.

Continue to make good choices about what you’re eating, keep at the moving, and you will get there.

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