Exercising tips at home that defy excuses...

I thought I'd give you a set of exercising tips at home, based on the reasons (aka excuses) to not get moving. We all have them, you know the ones - "It's too late", "I'm too tired", "I have to get ..... done" (which is anything but exercising or moving). the list goes on.

So below I've looked at some of these "reasons", and given some different types of exercise and activity you can do, my exercising tips at home for each excuse...sorry, I meant valid reason.

  • I'm too tired - Yes, you are. It's been a long day. Do it anyway! Firstly it'll give you some energy, secondly you'll feel better just knowing you're doing something to help losing weight and actively working to create the body you want.
  • I didn't sleep well - well, go for a walk, just 10 minutes, do 15 minutes of stretching in front of the television, put 10 minutes on the microwave timer, or your alarm clock, and run around putting away all the things that are out of place. Don't think you can be bothered? Do it anyway! Do you really want that body, or only if you can wish it into happening, without actually doing anything?
  • It's too late - It's never too late! It'll be tomorrow anyway, at least if you move today, you won't spend tomorrow (or in five years when you still don't have the body you want) saying, "I wish I'd started years ago...now it's too late". And even if you truly believe it is...Do it anyway! Grab 2 soup cans from the cupboard, and do a few sets of bicep curls, lunges, tricep curls, squats, walk around the house making a list of the things that need to be done. Walk around the house and admire the home in which you live, walk around the outside of the house and list what you'd like to do in your garden. It's never too late.
  • I have to.... - Yep you do. You have to get things organised for tomorrow, you have to do the washing, you have to go over that report, you have to pay the bills, you have to...move, so do it anyway! My exercising tips at home for when you've got have-to's...Go over that report while your squeezing a stress ball, put the washing on and do it with energy, with a few squats in front of the machine. Get organized for tomorrow, do it faster, then put in an exercise DVD, or practice your tennis swing for 15 minutes. Use different types of exercise, yoga, stretching, dancing around the house, to get you going.
  • It's the last episode of my favourite t.v. show - great! Next week when that show's not on anymore you can use that half hour or hour for a walk, or a run, or an hour of speed cleaning the house till your heart's racing and your puffing and panting. For now, do sit-ups, leg rows, jogging on the spot, star jumps while you're watching that show, even if it's just in the ads. That episode's important, so is your body, so do it anyway!

This is what we do in life. We get up, We're a little grumpy, we really don't want to go to work, but we do it anyway.

We have a bit of a cold, we'd love to curl up under the doona and go back to sleep, but the kids need to be dropped off at school, so we drop them of at school anyway.

We won't always feel motivated to exercise, or eat right, or even cooking, even if we love it (if you do). We don't feel inspired or motivated at every single meal we cook, every single day. We do it anyway, because we know that you don't need to be motivated, we know that's it's the right thing for us to do, so we do it anyway.So, my number 1 exercising tips at home...do it anyway!

If you love your job, you know there are some tasks and some days that you just don't enjoy, you also know that getting those things done, is the right thing for you to do, so you do it anyway.

You know you don't have to love it everyday, or every minute, but you know it's part of what needs to be done, and you get on with it...so, get on with it.

I know how easy it is to find reasons to not put in the effort, I could probably give you 20 right now, but the best exercising tips at home I can give you are: make the most of what you're doing, do it with maximum effort, whether it be housework or watching t.v. and get moving and do it anyway, do it anyway, do it anyway.

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