I know about the fast food calorie count, but...

Fast food calorie count, the calorie content of foods, how much energy we need, how much we're actually consuming, how much we need to use, how much...how many....how to STOP!

Our standard fast food restaurants even have the numbers all over their packaging now. How many calories, how much fat, how much sugar, how much salt, how much...

There's an article in at least one magazine a week about the negatives of junk foods, and at least 20 magazines about healthy eating.

Are we not hearing, or just not paying attention? Either way, we're still over consuming on these fast (junk) foods, even though we have all the information in front of us.

Why are we so addicted to fast food, and the fast food calorie count?

We want to look good, lose weight and feel great. We know about calories and energy...I'm sure we do, yet why are we still eating so much of it?

We have the information, we keep reading it and hearing it over and over again...yet we continue to supersize our meals, increasing the fast food calorie count, we continue to eat junk food so often, and so much of it, that the overall calories we're eating is going through the roof.

Why? What makes fast food irresistible, and healthy eating, just as well promoted these days, seem too hard?

Below are a list of some of the reasons why I was addicted to fast foods, which of these ring true to you?

  • I'm in a hurry, I just need something quick, drive-thru will only take 5 minutes
  • Everything in moderation is ok, a couple of times a week is fine...isn't it
  • Yeh, yeh I hear what the experts are saying, but it's too hard to change
  • It's the only thing that everyone in the family will eat without a fuss, and I don't have the energy to argue tonight.
  • It's cheap, compared to a restaurant, junk food is great, I can feed the family much cheaper this way
  • I'm busy. I'm stressed I can't think about lunch/dinner, let's just get takeaway
  • The kids won't eat vegies, and I have to feed them or they'll starve (this wasn't one of mine, but I know a few people who say this)
  • I don't want to have to think, I just want to get home, eat, and put my feet up
  • I'm tired. What with the overtime and everything, let's just grab a quick bite and watch TV

Any of these sound familiar...what is it you tell yourself when you're off for fast food, junk style?

So, what do we do?

It's not the fast food calorie count that is such a problem. There's lots of high calorie foods, food is not the issue, but the way we use it is.

The way we think about it, and the things we tell ourselves when we're doing, this is where we get ourselves into trouble.

What's good about this though, is that we can change it. We can change what we do and what we think.

What if I told you that you can not only think about it differently, but in doing so you will reduce the stress you feel (less need to resort to fast food), have more energy (so more likely to feel like you can cook a meal), lose weight...looking good, save money (great, I can take the kids to a restaurant), and feel positively proud and great about yourself?

You can, I'm amazed now at how much I let my thinking, or I should say lack of, perpetuate the cycle of gaining weight, feeling bad, thinking I was saving time, and telling myself that I was doing the best I could...I wasn't, I just didn't know what actions I could take to do it differently, that wouldn't increase my stress and make me feel more overwhelmed than I already was.

It's time to stop thinking about the fast food calorie count, or the calorie content of foods, or even (although I believe in healthy eating), healthy eating. It's time to start doing what we need to do the beat the cycle...it's time to not only think about things more, in fact, think about them at all, it's time to act on those new thoughts...without raising our stress levels.

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