Fast food statistics...scary! But you don't have to abandon the drive-thru!

While the fast food statistics are a little alarming, let's be honest, fast food is a well and truly entrenched part of our current lives...well part of mine, anyway. But if you want to lose weight quickly one of the easiest ways to do it is make different choices when you do indulge in fast food and to reduce the amount of times you eat it.

The fast food statistics that you can change to lose weight and maintain it.

Fast food is not bad, it is often not the best, or even a good, option, but to try and make yourself avoid it for life, is setting yourself up for a fall.

There's a good reason why the fast food industry is still growing around the developed world, and making it's owners a lot of fulfills a need. It must fulfill something because:

1 in every 4 Australians and Americans (and I would hazard a guess that the English aren't much different) will eat fast food today...

More and more Australians, Americans, and yes the English too, are eating out each week, on average about 3 to 4 times.

Countries like India and China are also noting increases in fast food sales from some of the most well-known chain outlets.

So what do these fast food statistics tell us?

I'll hazard a guess that most of these people 'grab' for this food because it's quick, you can do the whole drive-thru thing when you're rushing by one, and the high levels of fat and salt make it tantalising to our taste buds.

There is some evidence that people think it's a 'cheap' meal...on this I have to differ, even if you pay $3.00 for food from one of these outlets...for the same amount you can whip up half a pound of pasta, and top it with a sauce that'll give you more bulk in your stomach, a lot less additives and fillers, and take as little time. You will however have to do the dishes, but that's why dishwashers and small children were invented!

Don't pressure yourself into thinking that you have to remove it from your life, never again to see a fry ever, for all eternity. It might not happen, and as soon as you tell yourself (and the family) that there's no more takeaway, EVER, you're setting yourself up for a fall.

You can however improve on what you're doing and build up to less and less fast food.

If you condemn yourself to a life without fast food, when you do have some, you'll beat yourself up, start thinking you've 'failed' and maybe throw your hands up into the air and declare that you doomed to carry the extra weight forever!

Well, you're not, and you do have a life, and life's way to short for that amount of pressure! Just don't make fast food your life.

See Redefining Fast Food over on the right of your page, for great strategies, tips and ways to get fast food back in perspective.

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