Fast ways to lose at a time for success

The first time I went looking for fast ways to lose weight, I tried doing all of them at once! It worked too, I lost heaps of excess, I was a little tired at times, but hey, what the heck, I was looking good and feeling much better about myself, and I lost it in a couple of months.

Then the crunch came. I stopped paying attention, something came up...I can't remember what it was, but it got in the way. Nothing to worry about, I thought, I'd lost lots of weight. But then something else happened, and before I knew it, none of those great healthy things I was doing were still happening...I'd slipped back into the old ingrained habits.

Then, I got to the stage where I was wondering why I bothered. It didn't seem to matter what I did, I couldn't keep it off. It turns out it wasn't so much what I was doing, but the way I was doing it. I wasn't giving myself enough time to make one thing a habit, so that when I slipped up, the habit I slipped back into was actually the new healthy one.

Not this time; 9 years ago I did it different, I picked one thing at a time, one thing that I could do with relatively little thinking, and I didn't add a second healthy change until the last one was well and truly entrenched.

To help myself along, each change I chose was a change that would have a significant impact on my weight loss. Some of those things are on this page. Hopefully they'll help you too.

Fast ways to lose weight means making a change, sometimes a big one, but only one at a time. Build it into your life, then add another change, one that takes little effort.

Here are some of the fast ways to lose weight that worked for me...which one of these isn't too hard to put into practice that you're willing to try?

Fast Ways To Lose Weight

1. Make snacks fruit or vegetables - If you like to snack (I love to snack...I can't change it, I just work with it) Fresh or frozen. Think you don't like fruit, try different varieties, fresh tastes different from frozen. Start buying a fruit you haven't tried for a while. Carry fresh fruit, carrot sticks, every where you go.

Don't worry about how many snacks, or how many pieces per snack, you have. That's a different thing, adjusting portions. For now you're just going to get used to only snacking on fruit.

I love berries frozen or fresh, cherry tomatoes (easy to carry and not messy) not keen on carrot sticks or cucumber unless they're straight out of the fridge. But bananas for me are a good standby.

Keep a supply in the fridge, the fruit bowl. Have them available to grab and take in the car. All it takes is buying more fruit when you shop. Not hard. Make sure you keep enough on hand. If you need 3 pieces eat 3, later you can worry about the amount you eat.

Keep them close to the front of the fridge, so that when you're in a hurry...they're the first thing you can grab. Help yourself make the better choice.

When you replace sugary and fatty snacks with fruit and vegetables, watch the weight fall off!

2. Replace high fat/high sugar snacks with low fat/low sugar - this one of my favourite fast ways to lose weight. I like savoury stuff, and I found it difficult to go straight to fruit (I was breastfeeding at the time, and all out hungry!) so I stopped eating chips and found a couple of flavours of 97% fat free rice crackers that I loved. Tomato salsa is my favourite. But there's only one brand I like.

I don't keep high fat snacks in my cupboard, even for the kids, because they don't need them either. All our snacks are low fat.

If you're using the excuse that it's for the kids...forget it! Children obesity rates are high and're kids don't need them either. You may want different flavours to please everyone, but there are so many lower fat alternatives. Neither you nor the kids need it.

3. Cut all the fat off your meat - do this after you cook. Cooking meat with the fat on helps the flavour, so if you want to keep the richer flavour, cook the meat with the fat on. But make sure you cut it off and put it in the bin, before your plate leaves the kitchen bench! That way you won't be tempted to eat it anyway.

Don't eat the fat on the sliced ham from the deli section if you want a fast ways to lose weight, don't eat the fat on the meat at the restaurant...don't eat the fat! And if you're buying mince, buy low's more expensive, so use less.

The quantity of red meat we eat should be the size of the palm of our hand. If you're small, the size will be small. Whether it's mince or steak, it should fit on the palm of your hand...and not 6 inches thick either!

So, while to start with you're cutting down on the fat you consume with you meat...the size is another tip; two tips in one! But do one at a time.

4. Dance while you do the housework - the weight loss doesn't all have to be serious and thoughtful. Bring out the fun. There's not much like dancing and laughing to ease tensions and make you feel good. Use this!v

Dance while you do the housework. No one can see you except your family, and they accept you anyway. Dance and be happy, and burn those calories...burn baby burn...and have fun. It's not all serious.

The other advantage is...clean house. If you can dance and do housework 10 - 15 minutes every day. It doesn't matter if it's early in the morning or late at night, but you'll be surprised how, even if you're dead tired and exhausted, a little dancing makes you invigorated. So, go for it!

5. Fast ways to lose weight - it doesn't matter so much what tip you choose, from here or from somewhere else on this site or elsewhere. The fastest way to lose weight is to pick something, just one thing, and give it time to become a incorporate it into your life, and to pick something that fits into your life.

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