There's only one fat loss secret...

The fat loss secret? Practice, practice, practice. You practice at changing habits, you practice healthy eating habits and you work at it…until you get it, until it becomes the norm.

That's my fat loss secret. Learning is a process, and for me learning how to lose weight and maintain it was about practice.

Each day you train and practice with making decisions and choices about the food you eat, about how much to eat of each food.

You don't just get up one morning and have everything in place, and never have to think about it again. The longer you've been doing the same things, the more practice you will need to break the old habits, and make healthy eating to lose weight and maintain it, the choice you make automatically.

Changing habits is like riding a bike.

We accept that most things in life take learning and practice, like riding a bike. The first time, you wobble lots and you may even fall off a few times, the concentration that it takes to get you twenty feet down the road is exhausting!

But you keep at it, you practice it again, and again, you wobble less, you fall off less, and with consistent practice before long, you're riding, not thinking about the riding itself, but other things, because you have learnt the skill.

Then if you really want to you can stretch from just riding to riding off-road, or doing tricks, to marathon riding. That's the fat loss secret keep at it, until you've got it.

When you start a new job, there's learning how things are done, what the processes are, what is expected of you. And again to start with you aren't going to get it right overtime, and you're probably not going to get it done very fast.

But give it a few weeks, or months, and you've been doing it long enough, and practiced it so often, that you're often thinking about something else while you're doing it.

There's a learning process in everything. And that's the big fat loss secret.

Learning healthy eating habits and learning about yourself.

Fad diets are attractive because they offer you a quick solution, at least that's what you're sold, where you follow the actions and tick them off as you go, then you'll lose weight and you'll not have to worry about it again..

But, once you stop ticking the boxes, stop doing the program, you go back to what was 'normal' for you before, and you're weight goes back to where it was too.

Long term weight loss requires practice. You practice each day. To start with you'll make one or two good choices, then you'll make a couple that aren't so good, fine. That's practice.

The next day you practice again, and this time you might get a few more things right, or maybe not.

You may find that you fit more moving into your day, and you make great food choices at breakfast, but not so good at lunch, and dinner hasn't changed at all. That's fine, you've made at least 3 positive changes to today.

Then you practice again. It's through practice, just like running or walking a bit longer each day, or getting further on your bike without falling off, or making less mistakes and finishing something in shorter time at work, that you master the skill.

And the skill here is changing habits to lose weight and maintain it in a healthy way.

The fat loss secret? Losing weight healthily and maintaining it is a skill, and skills require practice.

How to practice..

  • Start now, practice using what you already know. Leave yourself notes about what you're practicing, smaller food portions, less processed foods, different snack choices.
  • Practice is about not always getting it right, but adjusting and trying again. Practice eating more vegetables. Some days you'll do really well, some days you'll be too busy to think about it. That's fine, that's practice and that's learning. Remind yourself to practice
  • Losing weight is a project…Project You! Treat it as one. Projects inevitably don't go perfectly to plan, actually nothing ever goes perfectly to plan. Practice your actions, change them if you have too
  • You will get there, just like you learnt to ride a bike, just like you mastered addition and subtraction. You practiced, and now you do it without thinking. That's what will happen with healthy eating habits and permanent weight loss!

Practice, practice, practice…before you know it you'll be well and truly on your way to wherever it is you want to be!

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