The female body shape you want, and getting it...

The female body shape is a beautiful thing, and losing weight and toning your body to achieve the vision you have of yourself is a great goal, and comes with a great sense of achievement.

So, the first step to creating your new look, is in taking a good look at the female body shape that you have in your head when you close your eyes.

In detail, look at it closely, get acquainted with what it is that you want to create. Get up close and personal with yourself, the yourself you want to be.

This is important. If there's something you want, then you have to be able to picture it, or describe it, or preferably both.

The more detailed the better, but even a vague visual image is a starting point. It's easy to lose your way if you don't have that to remind yourself of where you're going.

If you can draw, trying drawing that female body shape. Getting it on paper is also gives you something to truly compare the actual female body shape you have now with the one that you want

Beware the illusion!

Ahh the female body shape. As I closed my eyes, I saw exactly the way my body would look when I'd lost the weight. Svelte, lean, with shapely long legs and a firm tight stomach. The hourglass curve of my waist, the toned but not too muscly, line of my shoulders and my back...

Sounds fantastic, but there's one problem. I'm not hourglassy, in fact my waist is not that much smaller than my hips and bust, and as for long shapely legs, please, who am I kidding, I'm 5' and a little bit!

So, this is the first thing you have to do, be realistic. There's no point kidding yourself that losing weight and creating the body you want will increase your leg length 30 centimetres...ain't going to happen! Your female body shape basics are there, there's is nothing but pain in pretending they're anything different.

In creating the best body you can have, and maintaining it, there's no point in deluding yourself. Being honest about what you can change doesn't make your goal any less worthwhile. It means that your actually aiming for something you can attain, rather that setting yourself up for failure.

You're being pretty mean to yourself to set yourself a vision that you know is never going to be possible. You've set yourself up for failure, you'll never make the choices and take the actions that you need to take, because deep down you'll always know that the result is never going to happen.

So, in getting a great view of what you want, close your eyes and make sure that the picture in your head has the basics right.

If your legs are longer than your torso, then they'll stay that way. You can still be lean, if you like a more muscular look, then see the muscles on your body the way they'll look...with the longer torso and the shorter legs. If your image of yourself is nicely curvy, and well shaped, then that's the picture you'll have...on your own legs and torso, not on someone elses.

The grey area of the female body shape...

There is one instance where this can be quite difficult to do, and that's where you've been overweight so long that you're not sure if underneath the excess your shoulders are wider than your hips, or your waist is an hourglass, or maybe it's a waist like mine, a small indentation a few centimeters below your bust!

In this instance work with the picture you would like to be underneath. Later when you've started losing the weight, and toning your body, you'll have better idea of what the actual female body shape that is hiding there. Then you can adjust your mental picture accordingly.

Lying to yourself won't inspire you or motivate you, and it certainly won't have you getting it! That's not even wishful thinking, that's just self-sabotage. Getting the body you want is also about accepting that which you already have to work with, those great things that make you you.

Your height won't change either, so dispense with the six-foot legs all the way to the sky, unless of course you've got them...then dream away you lucky thing!

The Female Body it change!

Your shape, the bare-bones so to speak, hasn't changed no matter how much weight you're carrying, and it won't (remember the "be real" bit?), but as you start losing weight and creating the body that you want your body is going to go through many shapes around that frame.

Seriously, it's quite frightening sometimes! I started as generally round on two sticks...then one day I noticed that I had some shape at the top of my arms...and that was great, but why on earth now did my thighs extend 2 inches past the rest of my body?

Because as your losing weight and toning your body (remember losing weight alone won't get that vision you have in your head), it changes shape!

And it doesn't do it to a linear set of guides, or evenly, or seemingly with any pattern at all! And it never does it the way you'd expect.

So you will go through varying shapes, some of then will make you feel okay, some of then will just make you look disproportionate, make you groan, and wonder if you've made any progress at all.

You have, you are. Just focus again on what you want to achieve. Keep taking action and making choices aiming for that picture.

There is no predicting where you'll lose weight first, or how much, in what order, or what muscles will tone up faster, or take more work. This is something you work out for yourself as you go along.

We're all different and there isn't just one female body shape, there are many.

To get to where you want to be will require keeping at it, watching the changes in your body, taking note of what it actually looks like, being honest with what underlying bone structure and muscle shape you have, and adjusting what you do accordingly.

Now...more on why losing weight alone won't do it for you.

This site has more than just how to lose weight. Because that vision in your head won't be achieved just by losing weight, or even fat.

When I ask women to write down, in as much detail as they can, what their body will look like after they lose the weight, they use statements like "ripped abs", or "flat stomach", "sleek arms", "shapely calves", even things like "glowing skin", all of which are great, because that's what they want.

But, these descriptions highlight why if you focus on just losing weight, you'll probably be disappointed with the end result, and never feel like you've got there, and feel like you've failed.

Making those descriptions reality requires more than fat loss - flat stomachs, ripped abs, and shapely anything, require toning your body and getting those muscles into shape.

And to be able to do that, and to have the energy to take the action to achieve your look, requires energy and a healthy body...and that doesn't come just from weight loss! It comes from choosing healthy, smart options to get you there.

Don't get stressed, it doesn't mean gyms and weights, unless you want to, then go for it, but it doesn't require the tenacity or commitment of body building, unless of course that's what you want to be doing, but it won't happen just by focusing on weight loss either.

Good muscle tone, glossy healthy skin and all the stuff that's built into that picture of what you want to create is only going to happen with healthy diet, a healthy weight, a system to help you make those choices...and more moving!

The tools you need are all here, and in your vision.

It's not as hard as it sounds, and it doesn't mean strip cleaning your pantry and food cupboards so that you only have 'healthy', 'diet' food, and spending thousands of dollars on equipment. As you go through this site you'll find all the tools you need.

If you focus on that picture in your head and acknowledge that as your goal, you'll realise that going on a diet won't achieve what you want. It'll get some pounds off, sure, but where are you then...still not where you want to be, just lighter.

That's disheartening, and it's not because you've got it wrong, you've lost body fat, or weight, but you still haven't achieved your vision, because that requires more than just lost pounds.

That vision in your head is important, and what it's telling you is important too.

It's telling you to ditch the diets, because they alone won't get you what you want! You want much more than that. It's not just about being thinner, it's about getting that female body shape that you want, and the sense of proud and achievement that goes with it. It's also about what that body will then help you do.

Close your eyes, and take a good hard look at that picture, get in close...what's it telling you? What is it you want? Is it really just to drop a few pounds, or is it a healthy, glowing, shapely vision?

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