Activity and foods increase metabolism and make your body happy.

Foods increase metabolism by making your engine work. Your engine, that part of you that breaks down food into energy and nutrients, works best if you give it a good run, make it work a little.

There are other ways to increase metabolism, like activity, you can make your engine function better by choosing healthy foods on which to feed it, and by keeping it active.

Both foods and exercise can boost metabolism naturally, and are very beneficial for getting your body back in shape and maintaining long term healthy weight loss. It comes down to persistence and making healthy choices about what you do, what you feed your engine and how much.

Don't expect to just eat foods to increase your metabolism and have everything be great. I wish it were that quick, it's not, but foods that make your engine work harder will help your insides feel better and your outsides look better too.

They will help decrease your hunger, and help you feel fuller for longer, all which helps in resisting the urge to reach for the potato chips, or chocolate, or a second helping of dinner.

What foods increase metabolism?

All foods make your engine work, but processed foods don't give your body much of a work out at all. Because they are already processed and refined, your body can quickly suck the energy, sugars, from these foods, and before you know it the tank (your stomach) is empty and you're feeling hungry again.

You can find great lists of foods to boost your metabolism naturally, but a bit like fat burning foods hey'll all have common elements.

Firstly they're foods that are pretty much as nature intended. That doesn't mean you have to eat them that way, you can cook them, skin them and then eat them! But they'll be mostly untouched by machines, except for packaging and maybe a little softening.

The other thing is that many of them will be high in fibre. Fibre is great stuff. It's filling, so it puts bulk into your stomach, it's also difficult work for your body to breakdown, so it keeps the engine at peak workout (without over working it), and because of this it takes longer to go through your system, so you feel full longer. It's also really great for keeping your insides clean know what I mean!

Increasing your metabolism won't have you losing weight at a huge rate of knots, but we both know that you don't just want to lose weight, you want to feel better as well. If your insides work well, then your outsides look better and feel better too, and that's your aim.

So, what to eat?

Wholegrain breads are great. Start with swapping one slice of white processed to a piece of wholegrain and get used to it, then move on from there.

Fruits and vegetables contain lots of water and fibre, both of which are needed for your body to work well. Any less than 2 pieces of fruit a day or me and my body acts up on ways I'll leave to your imagination.

Lack of water gives me headaches and makes me sleepy, and I can quickly tell if I haven't been drinking enough. Fruits and vegetables help with the amount of water in my diet as well as fibre. Again, how my insides feel affects what I feel on the outside.

Protein foods are good to. An egg and a slice of wholegrain bread with some vegies can keep me going for hours without feeling hungry.

Stick to natural foods, you know those ones from the smallest section of the supermarket. These are the foods that boost your metabolism naturally and like all parts of the body, it's basic design is for use.

If foods increase metabolism are there other ways to increase metabolism?


Moving, lots of moving, as much as you can. You don't have to live your day in a running suit and sneakers, or work pulling a plough all day, but the more active you are the better your body will work.

Have you ever noticed that if you're feeling a little bloated and you go for a brisk walk, you feel better? If you've just eaten a big meal and you pants are a little tight, a little walk, or some activity makes you feel better?

Activity increases your metabolism just as foods increase metabolism, you just don't have to put things in your mouth to do it.

Moving muscles and your body in general makes your body work to either work on the food in your stomach for energy, or to start taking it from your fat stores.

So next time you feel a little uncomfortable, have eaten a little too much, or just find that something hasn't agreed with you, trying being active, I've found that even five minutes walking around has a positive effect.

Our insides are our engine, our metabolism is the part that converts fuel to power, so treat it well. Exercise and foods increase metabolism, keep everything working and providing your body what it needs.

There's tons of research on this, but even if you're not sure. Try it. Boost your metabolism naturally with foods and activity and take note of how you feel.

You may feel worse for a few days, especially if you haven't been treating yourself very well, there's likely to be some groaning and moaning from your insides while it pulls itself back into shape, but then you'll notice positive differences.

Foods increase metabolism, but they can also increase your energy levels, your feeling of well-being, reduce your hunger and keep you losing weight, and the foods that give you energy, and help you look and feel good are the same foods that help your insides work, healthy, unprocessed foods. Happy eating!

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