Many of us are ignoring the basic vegetable and fruit nutrition fact...

The basic vegetable and fruit nutrition fact, is that we don't value them enough. Food nutrition facts are widely available, yet it seems to be making little difference to the amount of fruit and vegetables that we consume.

Yes, it's true that we are gradually changing our eating habits and taking note of some of the food nutrition facts that are available out there, but it isn't making a big enough impact...why? Why aren't we eating more of them? Why aren't we getting the fact that they are fantastic for losing weight and for our health?

Another vegetable and fruit nutrition fact - many women don't eat them!!

We know the stuff, I'm sure we do. Fruit and vegetables are high in water, fibre, they contain vitamins and minerals that are essential to our growth...yet we still aren't putting them into our bodies...why is that? We'll buy processed foods that advertise great nutritional value...we'll buy other things because they're 'healthy', and we'll pay high prices for them, yet the humble yet highly nutritious, and the weight losers best friend, is left on the shelf.

I read a survey in a recent magazine, let me just give you a couple of results of that survey:

46% of women who are 18 or older, don't eat fruit everyday

26% of the same group also don't eat vegetables everyday

28% of this group say they are confused about what makes up a healthy diet.

Now, the last statistic I understand. There is a great deal of information out there, and it's being presented by different groups in different ways, and with different motives. It is confusing, very, so I understand that putting together a complete and healthy eating program may be a difficult task.

This site focuses on the losing weight angle of healthy eating, obviously (at least I hope obviously, otherwise, please let me know). But it also looks at some generalities, regarding health, because health and losing weight, for life, overlap.

The first two statistics are worrying though, knowing the advantages to stocking your body with fruit and vegetables to lose and maintain weight, knowing that they can literally be bought as they are, and eaten pretty much immediately, knowing that they are great for helping our bodies be their best...we're still not eating them.

This section of articles will look at not only the information surrounding the best vegetable and fruit nutrition fact, that they are great for weight loss and health, but also at some of the reasons why we might be overlooking them, turned off by them, and just not paying attention to their value.

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