All about food, the fun food facts, the weird ones, the general stuff and losing weight...

You're reading everything you can about losing weight; there's fun food facts, nutritional information, weird food facts, research on exercise, statistics on this, numbers on that...but does it all make sense and how does it help you?

It's amazing some of the things that come out, and everyday seems to bring something new, or a new take on something that's been around for a while.

You can tell the quantity of information, and the hundreds of ways of saying it, just by the number of health and weight loss publications around.

My favourite fun food facts are information about super foods for weight loss.

Those weird food facts, like "eat this and you'll lose weight tomorrow", or this is one of my favourites "this miracle plant will have you lean and thinner in no time"...then you read the fine print which says, "used in conjunction with an exercise and calorie controlled eating program, this product may promote weight loss."

Please everyone, if you follow a calorie controlled (ie put less energy in) eating plan and exercise (put more energy out) you'll lose what exactly are you taking the miracle plant for?

So, what does all these facts and information mean to you when you're losing weight and you want to maintain it for life?

You need to start filtering, that's what it means. Whenever you read something ask yourself if it sounds like there might be some truth in it. Question the way the information is presented to you, think about it, be open to the possibility, but don't take it for gospel.

Consider if these food facts like, 15 fat burning foods will work for you personally. It doesn't matter if they found that because of an enzyme in brussell sprouts, if you eat 10 a day (hey, even 1 a day), then you'll lose 100 grams every day...I couldn't do it.

Also beware of going all in on anything. I'm serious. Take everything, including the latest research and the supposedly simple fun food facts, in moderation.

Years ago we were told to eat lots of meat, now we know that that isn't necessarily the best choice for a long and healthy life. Years ago we allowed food producers to put lots of salt in their foods, oops, now we know that too much salt is killing us, and generally contributing to our weight and our health problems.

We were told not to eat any fats, yet we've since discovered that the food eaten by people living in the Mediterranean, high in olive oil fat, is actually beneficial for our health.

The clue...moderation. Those people that kept eating their meat a couple of times a week, and chicken here and there, and didn't overdose on salty foods, and kept to some fats, and took everything in moderation, have kept eating the best weight loss foods , are more likely to have maintained a healthy weight and a healthy body.

Be wary of fads, fun food facts and even research. Everything in moderation, and moderation means different things for different foods, is good. So, if it's some new thing that suggests eating or doing something to the point of nothing a little wary. If it's something that promotes having, or not having, doing, or not doing, something in moderation, and it makes sense to you...then take a closer look at it.

It's always a good idea to run any ideas past a doctor or two, and a friend or two as well, often they'll give you a very different take on these astounding food facts. Ultimately whether they appear to be just fun food facts, or interesting or life-changing, consider how they may work in your life, and whether you think them worthy, then get the opinion of a few other people...then decide for yourself.

I've imparted some of my own opinions on some of this stuff about food, and how they may help you...or, may not. In the end though, you choose what works best for you, and your life.

What about foods that increase is ths good?

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