Remember those fun outdoor games for kids we used to play? And how fit we were?

Not all kids like sport, but most will join in on fun outdoor games for kids. Whether your child is overweight or not the benefits to exercise and a balanced healthy diet are happier and healthier children, and that makes for happier and healthier parents.

What's so good about fun outdoor games for kids?

Exercise comes in all shape and forms. And doing 'exercise' as an activity in it's own right is a relatively new concept. Moving is the key, playing, being active.

Kids are naturals at this. And most of them, after a couple of minutes of grumbling will get into what's happening with gusto. Not only kids, watch the parents join in. It's much more fun to clown around and play outside, just for fun, than trying to schedule in something that becomes another chore to get through in your day...isn't there enough of those already?

Here are some fun outdoor games for kids:

  • Water pistols and water bombs - nothing gets everyone moving and laughing like a water fight. In the warmer weather...give them a bucket of water, some cups and water pistols and water bombs and watch the fun fly (get in there with them too). This one is great for all ages, even the teenagers get in there
  • Our games - remember the games we used to play as kids? Bob-down tiggy, 'What's the time mister wolf', hop-scotch (just chalk on on your pavement), what games do you play as a kid that you can teach yours?
  • Balls and bats - leave a box of these near the back door. They'll play soccer or basketball, they'll use them in imaginary games...Oh yes, if they have play light-sabers, make them use them outside (so they don't break anything...that's what I tell mine) They'll run around for ages playing Star Wars (I like to be Yoda! Who's your favourite character?)
  • Skipping ropes - these are great too, although they as often as not don't get used for skipping, tying up threatening invaders is what most happens, but's all good fun!
  • You'll probably get the inevitable 'What am I going to do outside?', but with a few props and ten minutes to think about it, they'll come up with their own games.

    The benefits to exercise

    Everyone needs exercise, but exercise and a balanced healthy diet improves kids ability to concentrate, their physical well being and their personalities!

    When they see you enjoying some fun outdoors too, they begin to see these things not as chores, but as worthwhile, exciting activities...and kids love to play!

    If you have the time, head down to the park occasionally, or the local sports field and kick and throw the ball around for a while. You'll feel great for it and so will the kids.

    The advantage to fun outdoor games for kids is that it's free and easy, no stress, you can fit it in anytime...after school, send them outside, before school if they're ready in time, send them outside till it's time to go. Weekends, school holidays.

    When they come in from playing they'll probably be ravenous. Ravenous kids will eat pretty much anything, so have choices that are part of a balanced healthy diet. Low fat yoghurt, fruits, vegetables sticks and dip, small toast squares with some of their favorite toppings.

    Don't offer what you don't want them to have. No kid wants to be fat, or unfit and unable to keep up with others. And keeping fit and healthy and losing weight doesn't have to be a chore.

    Here is one place that I like the notion of outdoor games for kids let's me get in there sometimes too. You feel great just running and moving, laughing and having fun, you know you've moved your body and that of your kids...and you've got to spend some time with them too, which is great for everyone.

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