Getting in shape realistic and focus on starting now

Time's flying, you've become obsessed with getting in shape fast, either the seasons are changing, or there's a party coming up, and even though you knew it was's nearly here, and you're nowhere near ready!!

Getting in shape realistic

If you've put on a few kilos in the last few months, and you only have a few weeks (or worse, days), be realistic. You're not going to drop all those pounds within that time, and you're not going to get you're body looking it's best that quickly.

Start anyway. Start making different choices about the food you eat, the amount of moving your do. Start now.

You may not be exactly where you want to be when the seasons change or when the big event comes about...but you'll be well on your way to making sure you are prepared for the next one.

The best way to lose weight, and shape up, is still making better food choices and increasing the amount of exercise and moving you do each day, or each week. Start all counts...remind yourself that every bit you are closer to your goal is one bit less you'll have to freak out about for this and the next big thing in your life.

Getting in shape fast...start slow then pick up the pace and effort.

If you haven't done a lot of moving or exercise for a while, or if you've been taking it fairly easy for a while, start slowing.

Jumping into a full-on high energy, high intensity exercise program has inherent problems: you're more likely to injure yourself, which will restrict you doing too much of any moving for a while and you're less likely to maintain a full-on onslaught, than if you slowly work up to the bigger workouts.

Start with slow bursts, then build up over the weeks to longer periods and then the intensity. Start may be with 5 minutes, then build up to 7 or eight, and so on, once you're up to about 30 minutes (even if they're spread throughout the day) then up the intensity.

The same goes with dietary changes. Give your body a chance to get used to the changes. The best way to lose weight and get energetic, healthy and lighter is to go slow. Start in small ways. Drop 30% of the heavy carbohydrate foods and replace them with more vegetables or a salad. Replace one snack a day with a couple of pieces of fruit. Then keep making small changes at intervals and keep going.

Again, you're more likely to maintain it and you'll make faster progress than you think. Small changes made constantly and integrated into your life, so that they become habit, will make getting in shape fast easy...there'll be very little to do, you'll already be well on your way.

Getting in shape fast...acknowledge your achievements

Take note of every positive healthy change you've made, and the results...smaller waist, smaller arms, more energy. Acknowledging these achievements, whatever they may be will keep you going.

You will feel and look better when you go to that big event, or when the seasons may not be as far down the track as you wanted, but you're moving in the right direction. And the next time the seasons change you'll be even further down the may already be start now.

Keep moving in that direction, keep acknowledging those changes, and their results, keeping reminding yourself that getting into shape fast is coming...and that you'll get to the stage where next time you realise time has run away from you, you'll just make a few minor a bit more on your arms (the bane of my existence), a few more tummy exercises...but the healthy eating, the lighter body, feeling good, will already be there, and you'll just be tweaking.

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