Action goal setting strategies and personal goal setting

Here’s how to use action goal setting strategies for successful long term weight loss.

Goal setting is important is to know where you’re going, and how you’re going to get there.

This is the ‘getting there’ bit. You’ve determined your big picture goal, now you need to do some personal goal setting on what actions you’re going to take.

Action goal setting strategies do just this.

In making the actions themselves goals, in setting goals that based on what I was actually going to ‘do’ I was able to reach my end result and achieve my vision. (Side note: turned out what I wanted wasn't a number at all)

Why 'action' goals for long term healthy weight loss?

p>We tend to set our goals on numbers or measurements, because we think these numbers are the important landmarks on the way to achieving what we want.

It’s like travelling. Destination: Toodle-DO (this is your big picture) 700 kms away, How to know we’re on the right track: reach point A, then travel to point B, all good so far. Then you need to go one step further, because...

How do you actually get to point A? You look at the map, turn right at the end of the street, then left onto the freeway, then left off the freeway at...

There are three goal setting strategies here: 1. the big picture, 2. markers along the way 3. actions to get there.

You won’t get anywhere without doing number 3!

And you may think you’ll get to point A in two hours, but if there’s road works, or you stop to go to the toilet and it takes 35 minutes to find toilet paper, you’re not going to get there in two hours!

You also know that as long as you follow the directions, take the actions, you’ll eventually get there, maybe 3 hours, it may be 3 days...but you’ll arrive at point A, then Point B and eventually at Toodle-Do.

Losing weight is the same.

I knew that if I took action for long enough, eventually my body would catch up, which it did, sometimes staggeringly fast, like 2cm off my waist in one week!

Examples of action based personal goal setting

Keeping your [LINK to why-is-goal-setting-important]vision of the end goal in mind, set yourself goals that outline what actions you’re taking, that you can tick off a list.

Here are some examples:

  • Goal 1: Eat one-third less at dinner 3 times a week (Focus on doing this 3 times in the first week, 4 in the second, 6 in the third) If you eat less at just 3 dinners a week, you’re reducing the amount of energy in, and this is a goal that you can check off on a list each day.

  • Goal 2: Replace one piece of white processed bread with wholegrain bread. Why replace one piece? The taste and texture change from highly processed breads to lumpy, bumpy, chewy and tasty grain breads can be a bit of a shock for the system. If you start with only one piece you give yourself time to adjust. Again you can check this off your list each time you do it.

  • Goal 3: Eat a piece of fruit every morning with breakfast.Most of us aren't eating enough fruit, 2 pieces a day is good. Fruit is loaded with fibre, which is both filling and good for the digestive system, is full of water and lots of goodies. Only cutting calories won't make you feel fantastic...what foods you put into your system will also affect how you you may set yourself a goal of getting in one piece of fruit early in the day.

  • Goal 4: Walk 3 times this week

The action based goals that you set for yourself are the directions for how to get where you want to be.

Set yourself some action goals today, and keeping on traveling.

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