What's on your healthy breakfast menu?

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A healthy breakfast menu always reminds me of great healthy breakfast foods when you've stayed overnight at a hotel, and the chef prepares a delectable selection of healthy breakfast recipes for you to spend ages mulling over, and slowly working you're way through.

Alas, most of us don't have time in the morning to prepare a feast, and even less time to eat it slowly, even though we should.

So, you do what you can, and when you're losing weight and you want to maintain that loss, starting the day with a good breakfast is a must.

Your Non-boring at home healthy breakfast menu

What I love about those breakfasts when someone else is preparing them, is that it's all there, and you can pick whatever you want.

Well that part you can do at home too. The biggest trap twee tend to fall into when we're losing weight and changing our eating habits, is we don't put the right stuff into our cupboards.

Healthy breakfast recipes and foods aren't that hard if you have the things on hand. If you have then there, then you can make them, and while time may dictate on occasion what you make, you'll still have the choice.

For me the best breakfast to keep me going, and to lose weight and maintain the loss is one that includes protein and vegetables and fruit.

Starting your healthy breakfast foods list and losing weight

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Many prepacked cereals are high in sugar, although there are some exceptions, so read your packs.

The thing about the sugar though is that while it makes you feel good for a little while, it burns quickly and you get the slump, so before you know it you're hungry again, and feeling like a sugar hit again.

Start building a healthy breakfast menu of things that you can have for breakfast, and a list of the foods you need to make sure are on your grocery list so that you can actually prepare something off that menu.

Here are some of my favourite breakfasts, that aren't as time consuming as you may think:

  • Porridge with raspberries or strawberries or blueberries or apple - I have to confess that although I get a bit bored with porridge all the time, this is one breakfast I always have if I think I'm going to be running around and lunch might be late. Pantry foods: 100% oats, frozen raspberries and blueberries, low fat milk.
  • Glass of low fat milk and a banana - this is the speediest of breakfasts. I'm usually drinking the milk at the bench and eating the banana on the way out the door. This breezy will sustain you, and if you grab a handful of nuts then you can munch on these for mid-morning snack. Pantry foods: banana and milk…how easy
  • Wholegrain toast topped with avocado, sliced onion and tomato and a great cup of coffee! Yum.
  • One-egg mixer - I have this great pan that just needs a little spray of oil, and then nothing sticks. Then I put in some sliced onion, mushroom, spinach, some halved cherry tomatoes and a little fresh basil, pour the egg over, slide under the grill to lightly brown the top, slide it out onto a piece of sourdough bread, a little HP sauce. Perfect!

The point is that you can have variations of those great healthy breakfast menus in your home.

Write you own healthy breakfast menu, most of the items you need to prepare those great healthy breakfast recipes are easy to get, you just need to have them in the cupboard.

Make sure you also put some that are really quick to prepare, like my banana and milk, because there are days that's all you'll have time for, and without some good choices you'll either miss breakfast all together, or pick something that won't do as good a job.

You need a breakfast that will sustain you for a good part of the morning, that won't have you falling off a sugar rush and craving more in an hour or two, and that is low in fat and sugar, and has a nice mix of either vegetables and fruit and protein.

Don't forget to add a few items to your breakfast menu that you really love that you can make every now and then, when time is more on your side.

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