Losing weight and a healthy diet for teenagers is possible...even with their busy lives

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A healthy diet for teenagers can be difficult, a teenagers life is different (and often difficult) on so many levels, let's face it, it isn't easy to navigate all the things that are going on when you're that age.

Many teenagers are already experiencing the dangers of dieting first hand. There's some frightening evidence to suggest that children as young as eight are worrying about their weight and starting to diet. That's frightening.

'Dieting', that is restricting calories and trying fad diets is dangerous at any age. But the younger you start the more damage you do to your body, and the higher price you'll pay. If this 'dieting' continues through your teenage years, and then even into adulthood, you're setting yourself up for some major health issues, and the emotional and mental issues that come with the whole weight loss scene.

A healthy diet for teenagers can combat the problems...the earlier you start the better.

Everyone wants to look good and feel good, but how you look when you're a teenager is close to top of the list for things that can ruin you're life!

I'm not being sarcastic, I'm surrounded by teenagers, and I haven't forgotten how I felt when I was living it! The pressure is enormous, and you have to weigh the whole looking good issue with the peer group issue, and the parents issue, and the school issue...there's a lot of life going on.

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A healthy diet for teenagers has to fit in with their life too, so all the articles on this website are just as valid for teenagers as anyone else...and you may find tips in this section that help you too.

There are so many advantages to eating better rather than worse, and it can be done even when they're out with friends, and without making them stand out from the crowd.

One of prime motivators for teenagers to diet is to look good to their peer group, and to feel good too. As with many people, teenagers can hide their emotional issues under food, which increases their weight, which in turn increases their emotional issues, which in turn pushes them further towards unhealthy eating...and the cycle continues into adulthood and throughout life.

A healthy diet for teenagers - breaking the cycle

The emotional issues can take a long time to deal with...but you don't have to wait to combat the weight issues till the other problems are dealt with, you can start on dealing with the weight, which will help break the cycles, and making you feel better, which will give you more strength to cope with the other issues...so you break the cycle and get healthier physically, emotionally and mentally.

This section will look at ways that teenagers can do just that, by eating a healthy diet, but it doesn't ignore the other factors that are going on in their lives as well.

Look at it this way, if I had learnt how to fit losing weight, eating healthy and maintaining the weight loss in my teens...I wouldn't have spent another 10 years yo-yo dieting and doing myself damage.

A teenagers life is busy, full, emotionally and mentally fraught with conflict...but teenagers can healthily lose weight, keep it off, look good and feel great about themselves.

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