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The best way of losing weight is with healthy eating plans, because health matters. Losing weight and then maintaining it, without it adversely affecting your health requires you to be mindful of what foods, and how much of these foods, and how regularly you eat them. A healthy eating guide can help you with this.

It doesn't have to become rocket-science though, it is another part of the losing weight and keeping it off picture.

Opening up to healthy eating plans and programs

As soon as someone says that a certain weight loss program, or plan for losing weight is healthy, some people start to shut off...why?

Because there's this idea that doing it 'healthy' means doing it slow! And that you'll have to miss out on all those yummy high fat things that you love!

Neither is true.

How fast you lose weight will depend on a lot of factors, including how overweight you are, what you change about your existing eating and exercise routine, and how often you've dieted and gained weight before, just to name a few.

As too missing out on all those yummy things - this is not a life sentence of abstinence, you can have those things you love, and a good healthy eating guide won't have you swearing of sugar, chocolate, fries or desserts for life...each of those things can be healthy, it's usually just the quantities and frequency that we eat them that makes them unhealthy.

The upside of following healthy eating plans for losing weight...

These are things that we can maintain and build on and know that we're improving our bodies. Often people see losing weight as a means of being fitter, leaner, looking better and feeling better...I do, and losing weight did that for me.

But if you lose weight in a way that is detrimental to your body you won't wind up looking or feeling better, you'll end up thinner, but you may also end up looking and feeling tired, or sunken, or just downright looking and feeling unwell.

Instead of having people say how great you look, or looking in the mirror and seeing some bright, vibrant person, you're friends will start asking is you're okay, that you look tired, that you look unwell...and you'll see the same thing in the mirror.

So, open up to the possibilities of healthy eating, healthy weight loss, and a leaner, lighter and brighter life.

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