Make a healthy food choice, any of the 4 will do...

Each time you make a healthy food choice you're one step closer to your goal. Each time you choose a healthy eating plan over fad diets, you've made an active decision to sustain the weight loss and take a step closer to creating a better body and a better life.

Healthy food choice 1 - what are your 'core' or everyday foods?

No food is off-limits, but for long term weight loss, maintenance and a better body, your daily healthy eating plan needs to be from core foods.

Fruit and vegetables, wholegrain breads and cereals, dairy foods, meats, water, air and sunshine.

These are the core. They should be as unprocessed as possible, and not 'deep fried and smothered in chocolate'.

Meals and snacks, most days of the week should come from these groups. These are the foods that supply the most goodies to your body to keep it in fine working order. If you run your car too low on the necessities, oil, water, petrol, at some stage it's going to start to protest and then stop. Your body is the same. Whether you want to believe it or not, your body's life is shortened, just like your car engines, if you don't give it what it needs.

Gradually work more and more of these foods into your diet, and phase out the packaged, processed, high fat and high sugar foods.

One step at a time, it all counts. Just changing your snacks will make a big difference, then work your way through the main meals. Cook with less fat, focus on 'fresh is best', feed yourself green, orange, yellow, red, purple, all the colours of the rainbow...natural colours in unprocessed foods are 'real'.

Go slow, too fast and you'll not maintain it, and you'll need time to get used to the different tastes. Start with one meal, one snack, whatever works for you...and don't forget to change your shopping list accordingly. You can't eat what you don't have in the house.

Healthy food choice 2 - put less on your plate, in your mouth and on your hips.

We eat too much. It seems to be that because it's available, on tap, we have a need to stock our houses and our stomachs with it. There's no depression, food is not short! Food, healthy food, is is the high energy high fat high sugar highly processed food...just because it's there doesn't mean you have to have it every day.

Drop your portion size, if you do nothing else, look carefully at how much your eating. Take away 25% of all the high fat, high sugar foods. Cut your sugary drinks by half, drop the sugar you add to coffee, tea by half. Instantly, your taking out some of the things that are slowing your body down, instantly your reducing the amount that will be converted into fat stores.

Instantly, you've made a healthy food choice and you're better off than you were 10 minutes ago, and on your way.

Healthy food choice 3 - Pay attention!

When was the last time you actually paid attention to your body. You know what it's like, you rush around, eat on the run...then ten minutes later if someone asks you what you had for breakfast, or lunch, you can't even remember! Happens to me all the time. It's a great reminder that I've stopped paying attention...and that's dangerous.

Eating while watching're not paying attention to what you're eating, you keep eating until your hand hits the bottom of the bag...then you go, 'who ate all the chips'. Eating at my desk is a big problem with me. Even if I only put a few dried fruits or I'm munching at an apple, I can get to the end of them, and not even tell you if they tasted good or not.

Pay attention, a healthy eating plan doesn't happen by itself, neither will a healthy, leaner, fitter, happier need to pay attention. You don't have to stress about it...but pay attention. Eat slowly, pay attention to the food, pay attention to what's on your grocery list, pay attention to the healthy food choice your attention to how much your eating...and most importantly...

Pay attention to your body...when was the last time you actually paid attention to what your body, and your stomach was telling you. I had a hamburger the other day, it was delicious...I hadn't had one for ages. I took it slow, enjoyed three quarters of it, and then know that if I ate any more I'd start to not enjoy I stopped, and fed the rest to my chooks.

Thirty minutes later I felt like I had a rock in my stomach. That's one of the reasons why I hadn't eaten them for a while...I knew there was something that had turned me away from them. Was it worth the taste sestation? Yep! Was it worth the bloated and heavy feeling? Nup! I think next time, I'll just eat a quarter, my chooks will enjoy the rest more than me. I'll still get the yummy taste, but hopefully not the blah feeling at the end.

Healthy food choice 4 - Congratulate yourself.

If you make a less than good choice. Ease up on yourself. Yes, I ate the hamburger, but that's okay most of the time I eat core foods not fried and not dipped in chocolate, eating the hamburger hasn't thrown me into despair. Besides, I didn't have a soft drink, I don't like them much any more...they leave a slimy taste on my tongue. I had a bottle of water and after the hamburger I went for a ten minute walk to start my body getting that heavy feeling moving. That's good.

A healthy food plan and making a healthy food choice is a plan for life, 'healthy' is not deprivation, 'healthy' is not restriction...healthy is being a little relaxed about the whole thing, and paying more attention.

Remember, every healthy food choice you make, every one is one more than you made yesterday, and one more step to losing weight, maintaining, feeling good, looking good, and living a healthier and happier life.

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