Use healthy food menus for losing weight, and the family will benefit too!

Healthy food menus are the way to losing weight and keeping it off for life.The fad diet might get it off, but it'll harm you at the same time.Overeating and unhealthy, fad diets will never get you to see old age!

Healthy food menus...are good for losing weight and living longer.

One of the problems with fad diets, and extreme measures to losing weight is that they are detrimental to your health. If you losing weight this way, and trying to stick to this type of ‘diet’, you’ll harm your health. So, you may no longer carry excess weight, but guess what, you’ll get sick, and your body’s functions will be impaired.

One good question to ask yourself…and answer it honestly, is ‘Is this diet/weight loss program one that I’m willing to put the whole family on?”

If you really want to hone in on it, ask yourself if you think the current way you’re eating, or the weight loss program you’re considering, if it would be good for your children?

If it's not healthy for the kids or hubby to be on your diet, it's not healthy for you either

When you focus on healthy food menus, as you do your weekly meal planning, you shouldn’t be planning two sets of eating habits, basically you and everyone should be able to follow the menu without it being detrimental to anyone, because healthy eating is good for everyone.

Being overweight is not good for you, eating too much fat, not enough vegetables and fruits, and too much sugar, is not good for you. Healthy food menus will get you losing weight, and they won’t do your family any harm either.

Yes, you will have to make changes to quantities of certain food types, for example children and adults over 50.

But, if you concentrate on what is healthy, if your weekly menu planning sticks to healthy guidelines, then the only thing that changes is the odd add of maybe a dairy food here, for some of the people in your house, and less of something else for another member of the house…but the actual foods and the menu is the same for everyone.

If you’re losing weight and you want it off for life, then you can use your weekly meal planning to make sure that the way you’re eating is as healthy as possible. If you look at something and think this isn’t good for the kids, or the hubby, then don’t subject yourself to it either.

Get off the yo-yo makes losing weight harder

While we’re busy abusing our bodies with unhealthy methods of weight loss, we’re actually harming our abilities to keep the weight off. If you damage your bodies by not giving it what it needs, it won’t function effectively or efficiently, if it doesn’t function properly it’ll actually drop fat slower and get sluggish.

You see this sometimes if you have a history of yo-yo dieting (gosh it’s a testament to the strength of the human body, with the number of years that I yo-yo’d, I’m surprised my body bounced back at all). After a while of yo-yo dieting it can actually be hard to get your body to respond to losing weight. It’s almost like it’s wary of trying it again.

Weekly meal planning and healthy food menus to get it all together.

So you have to give your body time for the healthy food menus you're now following revive your body.

Once it starts to function properly, it takes what it needs and disregards the rest, it starts moving in better order, you start feeling better, stronger, happier, and then you and your body can continue to work together to keep everything working together for reaching your goal and feeling good on the way.

If you’ve used weight loss methods that have been not particularly healthy, weekly meal planning gives you an oppurtunity to look at the health aspects of the food you’re going to eat long before you put anything in your mouth.

You can also make changes to ensure that you have all the necessary ingredients in those menus, so that you don’t resort to the easy high calorie, high fat alternatives, just because they're all that's in the cupboard.

You can actually lose weight quite fast with healthy eating methods, and you can maintain it. Planning your meals in advance can help you stick to the plan, and keep track of exactly how healthy you’re eating habits are.

The biggest areas to look at when doing healthy food menus are:

* have you included at least two different fruits and five vegetables during the day?

* have you cut all excess and unnecessary fat from the meals. Check the amount of fat you cook in and use in each recipe

* where is there high quantities of unseen sugar and fat? Check the processed bars and packets you buy and see how much fat and sugar is in each.

* have you got enough filling healthy snacks in the house. Such as nuts. You need some fat, otherwise you'll start to crave it.

Fat from plant foods has no cholesterol, they're high in good fats. So while you can't eat a pound a day and expect to lose weight, keep some on hand.

* calcium is necessary to everyone and certain age groups need more than others. Make sure you're healthy food menus include items such as low fat, low sugar yoghurt and low fat milk.

* some days you'll be hungrier that others. Keep the fruit and vegetables, low fat rice crackers (watch the carbs though, these carry quite a bit), nuts and some eggs and yoghurt on hand for those extra hungry days. They're a lot better than chips, or half a packet of chocolate biscuits.

With weekly meal planning and a focus on healthy food menus, you can be confident that you'll lose weight, and you and you're families health will be in good hands.

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