A healthy grocery list for losing weight.

When your losing weight a healthy grocery list is one of the first things to start developing. Whether you use meal planning or not, having grocery lists to print that outline the healthier foods you're going to put into your cupboards and fridge is one of the simplest yet most often overlooked ways to make losing weight a little easier.

Why a healthy grocery list makes losing weight easier.

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You can't eat what you don't have!

If you don't have healthy food choices in your house, you can't eat them. It's unlikely that you're eating take-away three meals a day, seven days a week, so the food that's in your house is also contributing to your weight.

To change the food you eat, you have to change the food that's available to you.

It's fine to have some foods that aren't exactly the healthiest options, but which you enjoy, heh, this is not deprivation, you can eat those things, just treat them as 'sometimes foods', not every day foods, but the rest of your house should be stocked with the foods that you will be eating everyday.

How to make a healthy grocery list

Consider you're grocery list an overview of your balanced diet.

If you shop daily, that list should have the foods on it, and similar portions to a balanced diet. There should be about a quarter of your grocery list (and therefore your trolley) of meats, chicken, fish...the protein foods.

A quarter of that shopping list should comprise those foods like breads, pastas, potatoes (both a carbohydrate food for energy and a vegetable), rices and so on.

A half of that list (and your trolley or bags) should be fruit (fresh or frozen or tinned unsweetened) and vegetables (again fresh or frozen, some tinned, no added salt)

Also that list should contain some foods high in calcium and protein, like milk, low fat yoghurt, cheese (not too much of this one though) and just enough of those other foods that you like to indulge in.

A healthy grocery list...saves time...saves thinking.

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See how the grocery list is really an outline of what you need to have in your house?

If you shop weekly, you'll have a much bigger list, but the proportions will be similar. A quarter, A quarter and a half, and a few extras along the way.

This healthy grocery list will change in contents, there'll be different fruits and vegetables and meats and so on, on it, depending on what variety you're putting into that week, or on what meals you're planning to have.

But even if you don't meal plan, a healthy grocery list gives you a written overview of what you're going to put into your reach to eat for the coming day, or week or fortnight.

Type your grocery list up, then you can make only those changes you have to make each time you shop and you'll have a selection of grocery lists to print...when you don't have time to make a new one, you can just scan your eyes over them, pick one that looks good for the week and off you go.

Maintaining weight loss, and losing the weight in the first place is made easier if you use things that you already do, and make them work for you, and help you make better choices. A healthy grocery list is a way of doing just that. You can use it to check over what you're going to eat, to see before you even leave the house whether you need to add more of anything (or cross out some things).

To eat healthier foods, and to make better choices, you have to have the foods at hand...try it, it works.

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