One of the top healthy living tips, losing weight…but there's more...

Losing weight is one of the best healthy living tips, and it's only one part of the equation.

Healthy lifestyle tips are about being the best you can, at any given moment. Just the phrase 'living a healthy lifestyle', brings to my mind a relaxed, calm, happy, peaceful feeling.

You'll find that the articles in this section are about all of those things.

Losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is a good start to healthy living.

There are other things too though, that make a healthy life. Some of them are tied up with food and exercise, some of them are about that feel good feeling that comes with a living a healthy lifestyle.

Some of them just about doing things that make you happy, that give you a purpose, that make you walk tall, and sometimes it's about doing nothing at all…just enjoying the moment.

Healthy lifestyle tips…having it all

You can have it all, you just can't have it at once or all at the same time!

Living a healthy lifestyle means you can have the foods you want, even while you're losing weight, and then once you've lost the bulge, you can still have the foods you want and maintain your weight.

A healthy lifestyle is one that feeds you mentally and physically, it helps you achieve all those things you want, and gives you well-being

Why healthy living tips that aren't about losing weight?

That's easy, our lives are more than just our weights!

How you feel about yourself is more than just about the amount you weigh, the size clothes you wear.

In fact, when you're living a life that fulfills and energizes you, the inspiration and motivation to keep going with your physical health, is helped along too.

It's all tied in together. It's a tangled web where no one thing is separate from the other. Everything is intertwined and interconnected with everything else.

Everything in our lives has ripple effects on other things. If you drop a stone into the pond and lose weight and feel good about this, it ripples out - the extra energy you feel makes you want to tackle some other project in your life, for example - and the reverse is true.

If you take on a project at work that you accomplish well, this inspires you to tackle something else, it gives you energy to do something else…it's all ripple effects.

Living a healthy lifestyle is more than just about the food and exercise, and in this section you'll find some healthy lifestyle tips and bits-and-pieces that may just lighten your life in different ways, and help, with the ripple effect, in a healthy life, and in losing weight and maintaining it.

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